Shortening your URL?

Sure, T2M will do that at a mouse click.


T2M is ready with its game-changer dedicated instances for agencies looking for millions to billions of branded URLs and clicks at a high rate.

What is a dedicated instance

How it Works






Track every click on hourly, daily, monthly, and
yearly basis.


Why T2M URL Shortener?

T2M is the best and affordable all-in-one platform for URL shortening & branded links management. Explore the most advanced features available in the market.


URLs Management

  • Powerful dashboard

  • Personalized/editable short URLsi

  • Multiple short URLsi

  • Lifelong access to URLs

  • Branded & dynamic QR codes i

  • One-click social share

  • 301 HTTP redirects

  • Password protection

  • Add custom title/label

  • URL expiration

  • A/B Testing new


Branding & APIs

  • Branded custom domains (BSD)i

  • Multiple domains

  • Branded vanity URLs

  • Free SSL (by Let’s Encrypt)

  • Custom SSL certificate

  • Main domain redirect

  • 404 redirect

  • Fully-featured API

  • Multiple API keys

  • Custom rate limit



Detailed Analytics

  • Dashboard reporting

  • Private/public reportsi

  • Timeline charti

  • Unique & repeated clicks i

  • Advance analytical charts for:

    1. Top 10 browsers, platforms, referrer sites/sources
    2. Clicks by device type, timezone, browser language
    3. Clicks by country, state, city & postal code
  • Filtering options

  • Custom analytics reports


Mobile & Geo Targeting

  • Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad) targeting

    1. Redirect visitors to the right location based on their mobile device operating system
  • Geo Targeting new

    1. Redirect visitors to the country specific link based on their IP address
    2. Add multiple geo targeting countries for same short URL
    3. Add default fallback destination URL for all other countries

Campaigns & Bulk Actions

  • Campaign management

  • Categorize URLs with campaigns/tags

  • Analytics reports per campaign

  • UTM builder

  • Import bulk URLs (CSV import)i

  • Update bulk URLs (CSV import)i

  • Download all URLs (CSV export)i



Account & Securtiy

  • Admin & child/sub-accounts isolation

  • Sub-accounts usage metrics

  • Enforced strong password policy

  • Stripe/PayPal hosted payment pages

  • Integrated Stripe billing portal

  • Two-factor (2FA) authentication new

    1. Support all TOTP Authentication Apps
    2. Such as: Google Authenticator, Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, or any other

On-demand Add-ons

  • Teammates (user seats)

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • White labeling option

  • Parameter forwarding




... and more

  • Dedicated instance option

  • Dedicated load balancer

  • Dedicated IP address

  • Uptime SLA 99.9%

  • GDPR privacy

  • Premium support

  • Onboarding & setup

Customer Success Stories

Read what our customers are saying and learn how T2M Custom URL Shortener helped them in fulfilling their business requirement of branded short URLs.

Dedicated Instance

We use T2M to shorten URL included in the SMS sends. The service is important because this channel has a character limit, so this enable us to include a long URL in the send and also this have a positive impact in the client experience. We have the service for a while now and never had a problem.

Juan Benavente, Business Analyst | Walmart Chile

I try to export data with the expected template without the std function provided. I asked the support staff for help, and in just a minute they gave me those files. It was a great service that I required over standard, thank you so much for your great support.

Teerapon Phethueng | Siam Music Yamaha Co.,Ltd

Dedicated Instance

T2M has successfully fulfill our expectation to solve our business needs in URL shortener.
First, many thanks to the simple API and simple UI from T2M to boost our development speed.
Second, we could have our own AXA domain to make our links more trustworthy for our customer.
Last with honorable mention, outstanding technical support to always put full effort to solve our concerns.
read more

Sanjaya Rusli, Middleware Development Manager | AXA-Mandiri

We had been looking for a tool that gave us flexibility to track the different digital activities that we do regardless of the source medium, in the way that we need at the time that we require, that would allow us to work in a simple, friendly and fast way to focus in the strategy more than in the operation or the reports, and that any problem that we encountered would have a customer service that gives us a quick and accurate response. We are very happy to have found T2M.
read more

Enrique Colin, Digital Marketing Manager | Signify LATAM

GDPR Policy

GDPR Privacy

T2M platform is fully compliant with GDPR privacy law.

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Your Best Custom URL Shortener

Say goodbye to unsightly links and use custom url shortener

Every time you need to spruce up the appearance of links, you turn to T2M Custom URL Shortener. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to shrink URLs that are not quite up to the mark. With our platform, you can forget about 3-line-long links containing scores of random numbers and trailing slashes. Instead, you can now avail yourself of a few magic touches to transform them into beautiful, readable URLs.

The T2M online link shortener and QR code generator is a must-have tool for businesses, survey agencies, and everyone else who can’t stand the sight of lengthy URLs. All you have to do is paste your messy ones and see how seamless they could be. T2M will turn them into a pleasure to look at in a wink!

It’s more than just a short URL and QR code generator

Making a URL that is an eyesore into a concise link is one thing, but using it to your brand’s advantage is quite another. Fortunately, T2M Custom URL Shortener has got it all in its unique platform. Whether you’re looking to showcase your domain, create vanity links, or configure your redirects, be sure to give it a try. The features of T2M go far beyond those of an ordinary online link shortener.

From multiple custom domains to SSL certificates, T2M allows you to fine-tune everything to foster your branding efforts. We even have a dedicated instance option, among other plans (Basic, Standard, Pro, and Premium), so that you can make the most of server scalability and personalized URL management. And no matter which package you choose, your peace of mind will still be ensured with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Besides, our branded link shortener is replete with clear-cut metrics. They will help you control how your URLs perform and improve your decision-making. Once you join T2M, you will be able to check comprehensive analytics on:

  • what browsers people use most often when they follow your links
  • what websites or pages they come from
  • types of devices that users access your URLs on
  • the overall number of clicks over time
  • location-specific data
  • and way more

Why is it crucial to create short links?

Let’s face it: lengthy URLs inundated with unreadable symbols have nothing to do with decent user experience. They are impossible to remember, and they create a confusing mess when shared. You definitely don’t want your links to work that way.

With our custom URL shortener, you can prove that you care about user experience. When all your links are neat and tidy, they:

  • look natural to the human eye, not like something created for machines only
  • improve your SEO, especially when coupled with keywords
  • allow for easier sharing on social media, in emails, and even by word of mouth
  • enhance your visibility (if you opt for branded URLs, of course)

Plus, when you use T2M to make short URLs, you always have a plethora of customization and tracking options at hand. Our platform takes link management and personalization to the next level, so go ahead!

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