Frequently Asked Questions

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What is T2M URL Shortener and how does it work? Get Permalink

T2M URL Shortener is an all-in-one link management platform which focuses on quality of service with easy-to-use interface and at affordable price. It works by taking a lengthy URL and creating a unique, custom & branded short link that redirects users to the original destination when clicked. T2M captures analytics/stats for every click and transforms that data into useful reports.

What makes T2M different from other URL shorteners, and why should I choose it? Get Permalink

T2M is a fully optimized and scalable platform with minimal overhead costs, offering an extensive range of features at affordable pricing which benefits our customers with a cost-effective link-shortening solution. Choose T2M for its reliability, ease of use, and ability to provide customized plans tailored for your branding needs.
Additionally, our customer support is renowned for its responsiveness and excellence. Read our customer success stories and G2 reviews.

Does T2M offer a free plan or a free trial? Get Permalink

T2M offers a "Basic Plan" which is FREE for lifetime after paying a one-time account verification fee of $5. This fee is mainly to prevent spam registrations. Additionally, you can request a 15-day free trial to try any of our paid plans.

Can I create custom short URLs with T2M? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M allows you to create custom short URLs, enabling you to personalize links as per your requirements.

Can I change the original long/destination URL for my short URL or QR code after creating it? Get Permalink

You can easily edit the destination URL of your short link or QR code through the T2M dashboard. Simply login, go to URLs list page, locate the desired short link, and update the destination URL as needed.

Do T2M short links expire? Get Permalink

T2M short links do not expire by default. Users have the option to set an expiration date according to their needs.

Can I use my own custom domain with T2M? Get Permalink

Yes, you can link your own custom domain with T2M for URL shortening. This feature enables you to maintain brand consistency by incorporating your domain into shortened links.

Can I forward my short domain to another website using T2M? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M allows you to forward your custom short domain to any of your website or landing page. You can also set a separate forward or landing page for all of your broken/404 links.

Can I create dynamic & branded QR codes with T2M? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M allows you to generate dynamic QR codes (PNG & SVG format) that align with your brand identity. You can personalize QR codes with your brand colors and logo to enhance brand recognition and engagement.

What kind of statistics/analytics can I track with T2M short links? Get Permalink

T2M provides detailed analytics on link performance by tracking visitor's browser info, platform names, referrer sources, device types, timezone, and browser language along with clicks timeline charts.

T2M also provides deep geo-location data such as: visitor's country, state/province, city, and zip code. You can download this data in CSV reports and can also share these analytical reports with anyone by enabling built-in public reports feature.

Does T2M support A/B testing, and how many pages can I test? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M supports A/B testing with a maximum of two URLs for comparison. However, you can create a chain of A/B testing links to test more pages. We distribute approximately 50% of the traffic to each link.

Does T2M have a UTM Builder? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M offers a UTM Builder tool, enabling you to effortlessly append custom UTM parameters to any URL. Once configured, you can generate a short URL for the UTM-parameterized destination link.

Additionally, you can include UTM parameters in the short link and forward them to the destination URL upon redirection, with our Param Forwarding feature.

Does T2M offer an API for automating link shortening? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M offers an API that allows developers to automate the process of creating short links, integrating seamlessly with other systems and applications.

Does T2M have browser extensions and 3rd-party integrations like Zapier? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M offers browser extensions for Firefox and Chromium based browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, and many more. You can also use our 3rd-party automation app integrations like Zapier.

Check all of our available integrations.

Can I apply password protection to my short links with T2M? Get Permalink

Yes, you can make your short links password-protected simply by filling your desired password under "Password Protection" section while create creating short URL under dashboard. Password protected short URLs will ask visitors to enter password before redirecting them to the destination URL.

Can I downgrade or upgrade my subscription at any time? Get Permalink

Yes, you can easily downgrade or upgrade your subscription plan with T2M at any time, without any restriction, providing flexibility to meet your evolving needs.

How can I cancel my subscription and is there any cancellation fee? Get Permalink

You can request cancellation, at any time, through your T2M Dashboard under Account Settings > Billing & Subscription. Alternatively, you can send an email at There are no cancellation fees. Please review our cancellation & refund policy for more details.

How can I update my payment card details or billing information? Get Permalink

You can easily update your credit card details, billing info, and download invoices under Account Settings > Billing & Subscription section of your T2M dashboard.

How can I be sure that T2M service is reliable and scalable? Get Permalink

Well, we'll definitely say our service is the best, because it is. But don't just take our word for it, read our authentic G2 public reviews, customer success stories, and our guaranteed 99.99% uptime SLA agreement.

What currency does T2M use for pricing? Get Permalink

All of our prices are in USD.

Can I pick & choose features from different plans to create a custom plan? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M offers flexibility in plan customization. Users can tailor their subscription by selecting specific features from different tiers to create a plan that aligns with their needs and budget.

Visit our Pricing Plans page to explore the features and contact us to create your customized plan!

Does T2M offer a special plan for Enterprise customers? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M provides special plans tailored to the unique requirements of enterprise customers. These plans offer full customization, high availability, and scalability to meet the demands of large-scale operations.

T2M also offers special dedicated-instance based plans, in which the whole server will be allocated to the customer account. These instances are built for high-demand scenarios. Each instance comes with a dedicated IP address, ensuring the isolation of your traffic from other users and your data can be hosted in your preferred location. Learn more about Dedicated Instance.

What happens if I exceed the maximum limits for URLs and clicks? Get Permalink

You can always track your usage in the dashboard. If you go over the limits, there is no hidden fee for over usage, we will simply notify you by email. You will have the options to customize limits for your current plan or upgrade to the next plan at any time.

Note: we do not disturb our customers for minor over usage or one time unexpected spikes. Rest assured, T2M has you covered.

Can I invite teammates (multiple users) to use the T2M service? Get Permalink

Yes, you can! T2M offers a "Teammates" feature, allowing you to create accounts for your teammates. Each user can create & manage their own short URLs and other data, with proper isolation. One account will be an admin to oversee everything. The admin can even impersonate any user for assistance. Plus, admin can add organizational custom domains which can be used by all users to create branded short links.

Is it possible to use my organization's logins via SSO to access the T2M dashboard? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M supports Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, allowing users to access the dashboard using their organization's credentials for enhanced security and convenience. You can use any SAML based SSO such as Google, OKTA, Azure, or any other.

Additionally, you can disable regular password-based logins using the in-built "Force SSO" feature.

Can I redirect users to different destinations based on device type, like Android or iOS, using the same short URL? Get Permalink

Yes, you can achieve this using our Mobile Targeting feature, which allows you to set different destination URLs for both iOS and Android devices.

Can I redirect users to different destinations based on country using the same short URL? Get Permalink

Yes, with our Geo Targeting feature, you can add different destination URLs for each country in the same short URL. Visitor's will be redirected to country specific destination URL.

Can I import URLs in bulk from CSV files or export URLs into CSV format? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M offers CSV Tools to create URLs in bulk, update URLs in bulk from CSV files or export URLs into CSV format for ease of management and organization. Exported CSV files can be imported back with modifications for bulk update.

Does T2M provide a fully branded white label URL shortening solution? Get Permalink

Yes, T2M offers a fully branded white label solution, with Dedicated Instance, for businesses and organizations looking to maintain their brand identity while leveraging the power of URL shortening. With our white label solution, users can customize the platform with their branding elements, including logos, colors, and domain names, to create a seamless and cohesive user experience for their audience.

How do I reach out to T2M for additional support or inquiries? Get Permalink

For additional support or inquiries, please contact our support team at or visit our contact us page for more options.