API Docs

Welcome to the T2M URL Shortener API. Our API allows you to programmatically generate & manage custom branded short URLs, manage tags, and retrieve detailed statistics/analytics.
Integrate our powerful features seamlessly into your applications to enhance user experience and track performance.


T2M API uses a pair of API Key and API Secret to authenticate requests. This key and secret must be passed under the headers section of each request. More details can be found under the individual endpoint page.

Obtain Keys:

Note: By default, only Premium Plan offers access to an API feature but you can always request a custom plan as per your requirements.

1. To get started, simply choose a plan and sign up for an account on our platform.
2. Once you're registered, you can generate your API Key and API Secret from the "API Keys" section under the T2M dashboard.

Base URL:

Default base URL is https://t2mio.com/api/v1

If you are on Dedicated Instance plan, then API base URL will be based on your primary domain: https://<PRIMARY-DOMAIN>/api/v1

Rate Limiting:

Please check the pricing page for API rate limit details. You can always request a customized rate limit as per your requirements.

Support & Resources:

For any questions, feedback, or assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@t2mio.com. You can also visit our Help Center and FAQs for more information and resources.