Artificial intelligence has positively taken over our lives by lending us a hand when we’re stuck with creative blocks. But some people don’t take AI positively.

For this reason, Oren Etzioni states:

“AI is neither good nor evil. It’s a tool. It’s a technology for us to use”

It depends on us whether to make good use of AI or misuse it by relying only on it and letting our creativity rot on the side.

AI tools are time efficient and can save a lot of time on your hands. For example, building a website usually takes up to six months to launch a website. But if you build your website with AI tools, it will only take about 30 seconds to execute its magic. Amazing, isn’t it?

We know you’re excited to give these AI tools for website creation a try. So, in this blog post, we’ll recommend 5 of the most essential AI tools. Read this blog all the way through to find the best tools to simplify your workflow.

What Are AI Website Builder Tools?

Artificial intelligence website-building tools are tools for developing websites through artificial intelligence.

These AI tools save you the time-consuming process of building a website from the start and are extremely time-efficient and handy.

These AI tools for creating websites include:

  • AI logo maker
  • Text generator
  • AI heatmap
  • SEO optimizations
  • AI website generator
  • Advanced security features.

5 Best AI Tools For Launching Your Website

The market offers various AI tools, but are they all good? It’s a long debate, so it’s best to avoid getting into it.

All we can tell is that there are five tools that we thoroughly analyzed and believe are the best available on the market.

Below, we’ve examined the five top AI tools for launching your website.

So, you can learn about their key features along with the pros and cons before deciding which one is best for you.

●     Domain – DomainWheel

The first step in creating a website is to hunt for a domain name, thus anyone looking for a good domain name for their website can end their search right here. DomainWheel has a solution for this problem.

It is a fantastic artificial intelligence application that allows users to quickly browse through millions of domain names and select the one they like best. People can utilize this technology to leave a long-lasting impact on their website on people’s minds.

The DomainWheel offers an abundance of domain name choices with a variety of extensions, including .com,.net,.org,.biz,.info,.blog,.co,.store,.online,.tech,.site,.us, etc.


  • It instantly generates the domain name
  • It’s 100% free
  • Gives random suggestions of domain name based on your keywords


  • It doesn’t have a single drawback.
Pricing Plans:
  • DomainWheel is completely free to use.

●     Hosting – Hostinger

It’s a great AI tool for creating websites, blogs, online stores, and many other things. You will also get free email accounts along with many web hosting services such as;

  • Domain name
  • Email Hosting
  • Website builder and SSL certificates.

Hostinger offers many platforms for making websites, but “WordPress” is the most well-known among all the other options. Well, there are many more platform options available, so it’s ultimately up to you whether you want to build your website with WordPress or not.

Hostinger is extremely user-friendly and will make the challenging task of creating a website from scratch a breeze.


  • Hostinger is budget-friendly
  • Offers a money-back guarantee
  • It has fast load times
  • Hostinger comes with an SSL and free domain
  • Offer AI logo maker through which you can create a logo for your website.


  • It doesn’t give much design options
  • Not many color options
Pricing Plans:

Hostinger offers three different price plans with different additional features, you can choose any plan of your choice. The good thing is that it is a good time to buy because their plans are on sale:

  • Premium: Actual Price: $11.99/mo 75% Sale Price: $2.99/mo
  • Business: Actual Price: $13.99/mo save 71% Sale Price: $3.99/mo
  • Cloud Startup: Actual Price: $24.99/mo save 68% Sale Price: $7.99/mo

●     Web Builder – FreeLogoCreator AI Web Builder

For quick and easy website designing is the ideal choice. It’s an amazing easy-to-use AI website builder tool.

If you do not have any technological expertise, then you do not need to worry about it because it does not require you to perform any technical tasks. After all, it is capable of handling everything on its own.  With the use of the AI tool, you can create a website in just a few minutes.


  • It is jammed-packed with amazing web designing features
  • Can do SEO-optimization
  • It has a good support team
  • Many web template options
  • Mobile-friendly
  • You can generate an AI logo with it.


  • Non
Pricing Plans:
  • It’s free

●     Graphic Design Tool –

Craiyon, previously known as “DALL-E Mini,” is a sophisticated AI tool that creates unique graphics. All you need to do is give it a prompt, and it will generate graphics based on that.

The Craiyon ensures that each image is unique and secure.

It can transform your thoughts into reality, and with the appropriate descriptions, it can perform magic.

Not only that, but it can create any type of design, including abstract art, aesthetic backgrounds, and many others.


  • It’s free to use
  • Fast image generator
  • Gives high-quality outputs
  • Offers user-friendly interface


  • It’s free plan has watermarks
Pricing Plans:
  • Free Plan
  • Supporter Plan – $5/mo
  • Professional Plan – $20/mo
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom Plan

●     Forms – JotForms

JotForms is an AI-powered online form builder that offers a plethora of features and a variety of templates. With this tool, you can build the form that you need for your website in just a min.

Additionally, it provides a user-friendly interface that is effortless to navigate, ensuring that you do not waste any time figuring out the tool’s functionality.


  • It offers excellent customer support
  • Easy-to-use
  • You can build and edit forms on your mobile phone too
  • It supports different languages
  • JotForrms offers amazing customer support


  • Some of its features need more improvement
Pricing Plans:
  • Starter – Free
  • Bronze – $34/mo
  • Silver – $39/mo
  • Gold – $99/mo

Wrapping It Up!

This was it from us; we made sure to recommend the best AI tool for your website generating so that you can make the difficult chore of website launch an easy one for you.

It is recommended that you thoroughly evaluate all of the tools, including their features, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as their pricing plans. And then benefit from the tools that you believe will be necessary to launch your website.