URL Shorteners are referred to as Link shorteners. You may build shorter URLs and monitor how well they are working with the aid of a URL shortener. Small or Shorter URLs are easy to distribute and seem quite professional than longer ones. Anyone who clicks on a short link will be sent to the full-length web address of the target website. Users of some URL shorteners can generate personalized vanity links or branded links. Marketers often make use of these technologies to make a lengthier URL seem more aesthetically attractive within the context of collateral or message.

Instead of using large URLs, you should use a URL shortener that includes a QR code. When copied and pasted into an online forum, a social networking site, or an email, a lengthy URL has a high risk of being damaged. However, if you choose a shorter URL, the chance of getting corrupted is reduced, which means that you could deliver the information to its target website as quickly and effectively as possible. To present you with a list of remarkable, low-cost, and loaded features tools, we researched and evaluated 5 of the quite well-known URL Shortener that also supports QR codes. Let’s check below!

1. T2M URL Shortener

The T2M URL shortener is a comprehensive solution for managing links. They are known as the finest URL shortener for customized domains, including supporting API calls. This platform comes pre-built option for custom domains, and branded URLs for your use. The program is supported by outstanding support from experienced professionals. This program is API compatible with the vast majority of the different websites that are out there. There is also the option for social sharing with only one click. It is not only inexpensive, but it also comes with an excess of selections to manage and monitor the functionality of links. In addition, while you start making use of T2M to create shortened URLs, you will get several sets of choices available to you for customization as well as tracking. URLs Management, Branding and APIs, Detailed Analytics, Campaigns, Bulk Actions, Restful API, and Password security are some of the extra features that they provide.

2. Sniply.io

Shortening links have never been easier than with the help of Sniply.io. Not only you can construct CTA blocks with it and put them on the site, blog articles, Instagram, or Facebook, but it can also generate fully customizable links for your firm. You may improve the conversion rate by using Sniply to conduct A/B trials and then make use of the Analytics tab to handle the data from those experiments. You can keep track of clicks, purchases, and an average number of pages seen during a visit, among other metrics inside this section. Also, you may filter the information based on the product, the operations, and so on. As said, Sniply operates in a manner that is similar to that of a URL shortener; however not only shortens links but even enables companies to superimpose your content on the website that you are relating to.

3. Clkim

The intelligent rerouting that Clkim’s system uses are, as their name suggests, clever. Users may be redirected via the URL depending on background triggers, such as the mobile functioning structure they are using or their location, allowing them to view the site in the manner that is most advantageous to them. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive design, which makes it simple to use and apply on a variety of different platforms. They provide excellent service to their customers. It does not include any bugs and is an excellent authoring tool as well as a link management system.

In addition to this, Clkim provides targeting services based on individualized profiles of those who have previously clicked on your shortlist.

4. JotURL

JotURL is a single platform having tools to track, brand, and grow the links to your business website or QR code. It is essentially a marketing tool that enables you to track and optimize marketing campaigns. The aim is to increase the ROI by driving more traffic to your website. Creating a strong brand presence is necessary to attract more and more customers. The branding tools of JotURL fulfill this purpose. The URL Shorteners with QR codes generate custom shortened QR codes that are easy to scan. The tool creates colorful QR codes which work across devices. The tool creates customized links which increase traffic and increase brand reputation.

JotURL has advanced analytics to track the performance of your brand on various parameters which enables you to assess your marketing strategy. Tracks conversion rates of the brand across marketing channels by monitoring installs, clicks, signups, and more. Round-the-clock link monitoring to detect and rectify problems such as broken links, page delays, and more. JotURL deploys tools to attract more customers to your brand and convert more into paying and repeat customers.

5. Bitly

Bitly’s user base is about 300 million. There are multiple services provided by Bitly which are useful for both private individuals as well as businesses. This is a single platform providing many services to connect with the audience better.

URL and QR code management. Bitly is one of the widely used URL Shorteners with QR codes. It converts long URLs into shorter forms which are particularly useful for posting on social media platforms with a restricted number of characters. Custom URLs incorporating the brand domain name of the user can also be created. Bitly also creates customizable and dynamic QR codes. The color, font, and logo of a QR code are customized to match the brand.

Bitly has analytical tools to monitor the number of clicks on the links, the devices used for the clicks, and the locations of the users clicking on the links. QR code performance can also be tracked based on scan metrics across channels. Bitly provides customized URLs for social media and can also customize the landing pages of the social media accounts of the users.

Bottom Line

The URL shortener that you choose will depend on the number of active links that are needed, whether or not you are keen on analytics capabilities, and whether or not you wish to personalize the domain. You can make sure that your website is seen on all of the platforms that you are a part of by making use of the best URL shortener. This will result in an increase in referral traffic as well as leads generated from your marketing efforts.

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