In the highly competitive market, recruiting can challenge even the most skilled recruiters.

Effective recruitment now requires speed in attracting candidates, the capability to employ a vast number of applicants through ATS, and, most crucially, the ability to identify candidates who are of high quality consistently.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can make the entire recruitment process simple by providing hiring managers and recruiters. It can access the tools they need to increase recruitment and assist them in finding the most suitable candidates. Let’s take a look at the most critical advantages of the ATS.

What’s an Application tracking system?

The Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are specifically designed to aid recruiters and hire managers to improve the overall recruitment process.

An effective applicant tracking system (ATS) will gather data, keep it in storage, and process the data of all applicants while also providing numerous tools that help to comprehend, search and select candidates.

It also allows the user to filter and classify applications and resumes you receive by keywords and other preferences to determine the most suitable candidates for the job you are looking to fill.

Some applicant tracking systems even search job boards or social media platforms, websites for careers, etc., to identify candidates using search terms based on their qualifications, experience, education, etc.

15 The benefits of ATS

Let’s take a deeper look at how businesses can benefit from the applicant tracking system in India (ATS) to enhance and streamline the entire hiring process and reduce some of the issues involved in recruiting and acquiring talent.

  • More Hires, Faster Recruitment 

A reliable ATS will help speed the hiring process and reduce the time used for other tasks. In addition, incorporating the information of applicants within one software, which is searchable and easily accessible by HR personnel, makes it easy to locate, choose, and get in touch with candidates who are the best for your company.

In addition, an ATS system can eliminate many manual steps of HR professionals. For example, it is no longer necessary to post job descriptions on each job board, one at one time.

Instead, the advice will send out to all job websites you utilize in less than a second with a single click. Without individual drafting, follow-up emails or rejection letters will send to successful/unsuccessful candidates in batches. In addition, interviews can be scheduled quickly by sending out correspondence electronically.

  • Enhances Employment Efficiency

Time and effort can be costly in business, and the hiring process is full of possibilities. What ATS allows is that it gives an organization to gain a greater understanding of the recruitment process while automatizing many of the steps needed to hire an individual.

In the past, HR professionals would have to read over hundreds of CVs to assess their worthiness and quality, create a shortlist, and begin the lengthy process of reaching out and inviting for an interview. In today’s business world, reviewing every resume you get is not always feasible, and you might have to reject certain applicants without scrutinizing the information.

By using the help of an ATS, you can browse resumes and applications to find particular skills, experiences, or educational qualifications essential to the job without looking through each resume one by one.

  • Improves productivity

The increase in productivity typically is accompanied by making time more efficient and becoming more efficient. Therefore, if you can automate an employee’s tasks, they will be more efficient.

It is the case in the case of HR personnel. An ATS system provides them with various tools to help them save time and energy. Tasks like reaching out to candidates by email, automatically creating letters, scouring resumes using keywords, or creating reports on a computer are all directed toward efficiency.

Suppose you don’t have to manually review applications and draft rejection emails, invitation letters to interview, or manually share information with other departmental departments. You will naturally cut down on the time HR professionals dedicated to the job. It is the core of boosting productivity.

  • Enhances the Candidate Experience

Along with creating an effective recruitment process, a system for tracking applicants will improve the experience for applicants exponentially. Finding the best candidates in today’s market usually requires creating the best experience for the candidates. In many ways recruiting is a market for customers using candidates as clients.

The people you choose to hire become your brand’s ambassadors, and making sure they have a culture they are a part of and can see is well organized and effective is essential. In addition, regardless of whether they’re hired or not, an effective Applicant Tracking System will give applicants the best experience and recommend them to other people.

Candidates will no longer have to wait for months to respond, only to find out that the application was rejected. Don’t send out sloppy emails with spelling and grammar mistakes, asking applicants to attend interviews. The majority of ATS software programs can produce amazingly professional emails and letters branded with your logo and text in minutes.

They will also make sure that applicants are kept informed throughout the process. They will provide them with an improved opinion of your business, winning or losing. In this article about the advantages of ATS, we will explore the concept of social recruitment.

  • Delivers Social Recruiting

We briefly mentioned this in the past. Social media is increasingly important in recruiting software India; however, it isn’t easy to figure out how to use it effectively. Additionally, the erratic nature of social media requires an attentive approach, as one wrong move could damage the image of your company.

As a company, the people you connect with via social media are customers, clients, employees who are currently working, and prospective employees. It is a large number of people. If you cannot communicate effectively with them, your company could appear arrogant and insensitive. Also, it could appear as if it is outdated. An effective ATS system will provide several ways to utilize social media in a successful recruitment strategy, including:

It allows you to post job ads on all your social media channels at once, along with agencies and job boards.

It allows you to interact with prospective candidates via social media. If they ask questions, it will be possible to respond quickly, and the ATS could even help applicants apply.

Sophisticated ATS software allows you to search social media for specific abilities, educational levels, skills, or other terms. It is incredibly efficient to use websites like LinkedIn that specialize in helping candidates and businesses connect.

  • Easy Analytics

One of the most appealing features that you can get from the Applicant Tracking System has to do with its ability not just to collect vast quantities of information about your hiring process but let you examine and organize it. It is an excellent opportunity to examine your hiring policies to determine what areas are not working.

If you’re looking to take a deep look at the education and skills of those who apply to fill your positions, an ATS can also allow you to analyse these. For example, it can inform the number of applicants who have come to you via social media and the percentage who submitted their resumes via email.

An effective ATS system gives the total user control regarding the information you review and allows you to have a broad view or take a more specific method to the reports you create.

Additionally, ATS software can automatically create reports at the times you choose. There is no need for time-consuming numbers and crunching data by HR teams to inform you that the job advertisement you submit is poorly written. When you click one button, you will receive the information sent to your email in minutes.

Another benefit to this ATS checklist includes Full Integration.

  • Full Integration

A reliable ATS system will integrate with the program you already use. It will enable data to move between systems without user input, making it easier to save time and increase efficiency.

An ATS system that works with other programs will have the capability to transmit resumes and candidate information applications from a resume and other data that you have from the ATS to third-party software. It could be like an email client or more complex than database software.

The significant advantage of integrations is that they will accelerate the application process and offer additional functions beyond those that the ATS can provide by itself. They can also offer additional tools for data analysis and reporting to aid you in making better-informed hiring decisions.

  • Simplified Interviews

In addition to automatizing the process of mailing out invitation letters to candidates to participate in an interview, an ATS will allow you to control the scheduling of interviews more effectively.

For example, filling out an appointment manual can take a long and is prone to errors. An ATS can assign slots automatically and create a central diary that is easily changed by sending emails and letters that inform of changes by the system.

Information sharing is made more accessible between departments, including collaboration in hiring.

If your business is enormous and you manage several departments or teams to coordinate, disseminating information can be difficult. An ATS system is an essential touchpoint for all recruitment processes, making hiring simpler.

It is an excellent method to pool talent, resources, and expertise while giving power to team leaders. In addition, your line managers know your employees and will see how new hires would fit into the current structure more quickly.

Interdepartmental communication is one of the most dreadful issues in the recruitment process and can slow down the process considerably. For example, when the team leader responds to an email regarding an applicant, the person could have already jumped at the opportunity to join a company that had a better hiring process.

  • All recruitment under one roof

The last benefit of employing ATS software is that it combines the other advantages that we’ve already discussed.

There’s a saying in the business world that the first bird is the first to catch the worm, which is also true for hiring. The longer candidates wait, the higher the chances of searching elsewhere. Many people trying to find the perfect job are likely to apply to several businesses. If your hiring process is time-consuming, do not be shocked if some of the top applicants slip through your fingers.

You’ve got it. High-quality ATS software can simplify your entire recruitment process and help you identify suitable candidates at the right moment.

An ATS that integrates seamlessly with your CRM and HRIS can provide you with benefits beyond the typical ATS solutions.

  • Track your applicant sources.

It’s not a secret which sites are the most popular for applicants: the top job sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. However, when it comes down to hiring, quality is more important than quantity.

An applicant tracking system can combine all of your applicants in one location (your dashboard).

However, it will help you track the sources of applicants to pinpoint which sources are most beneficial in the best interest of you and your business. So you can concentrate your efforts (and possible advertising budget) on those sources that result in quality hires.

  • Candidates can prequalify more efficiently.

Once you’ve started employing an app for tracking applicants, your applicant pipeline will grow. You’ll have to go through more applicants than you ever have before. Champagne issues, indeed? There’s a downside to the champagne problem.

A system for tracking applicants will make your life easier while aiding you in making more intelligent decisions. The decision regarding which applicants to take on. Through an applicant tracking system, you can add prequalifying and other questions to your application to instantly speed up the process for applicants who meet your top criteria and then gracefully reject those that don’t.

Research suggests that recruiters read the resume for only 7.4 seconds before proceeding to the next. It’s what I think of as contrary to a suitable hiring method. It’s like evaluating resumes on a reaction to the moment! These kinds of approaches are too susceptible to errors to be successful.

An ATS will allow you to concentrate your efforts on higher-quality candidates and eliminate the hassle of sifting through hundreds of applications from applicants who do not check the most crucial boxes.

  • Make hiring decisions faster.

The most desirable candidates have lots of choices. Managers in hiring must make hires as quickly as possible before moving to other offers. You can put your company at a distinct advantage by contacting candidates earlier than your competitors, and an ATS that incorporates communication and evaluation tools will assist you in that.

A tip to remember: establish connections with top talent quickly by creating an excellent experience for candidates throughout the hiring process. Take a look at the video below to improve your candidates’ experience.

  • Find quality employees regularly.

An excellent ATS must also provide the basis to ensure an effective selection process. It is the equivalent of hiring a sales manager formulating a plan to guide customers through the buyer’s life cycle.

When you set up procedures, you will get predictable outcomes.

For example, hiring starts with the prequalifying questions discussed earlier. Then, it extends to tests (math and verbal tests and personality tests, functional assessments such as coding challenges, etc.

  • It’s simple to use using any device.

It is a significant issue for employers and mobile job seekers alike, as applicant pools decrease because job applications are more time-consuming to submit.

An ATS will give you the capabilities and integrations. It is required to provide prospective applicants with a speedy and simple application, even on mobile devices. Your applicants are expected to be able to apply for your job within less than three minutes.

A final thing to bear in mind is that the top applicants can afford to be selective about the jobs they are applying to. Therefore, if an application is not convenient, the candidate will not hesitate to resign.

  • Supercharge employer branding

While the primary goal of hiring is for potential candidates to make you feel special, the opposite is true. Presenting your business will help you draw the best talent.

A job board that is branded and customized emails and an overall sleek design for all communication and collateral related to recruiting will assure potential candidates that your business is well-established, professional, and reliable.

Final Notes

An applicant tracking system provides you with the tools you need to increase your performance at each step in hiring. It can help you cut downtime, find better-qualified candidates, and makes the right hiring decisions.