Gaming experience can only become thrilling, enjoyable and exciting if you are able to perform maximum clicks in a second. Extremely slow and moderately slow clicking will make your gaming time a big mess.

So, how can you check regarding how many numbers of clicks you can perform in a second? We can tell you! You can use the cps test tool by this website and get the exact number.

Gamers have complained about this thing that their clicking potential and finger skills are no way improving. Gamers have failed to get an exact idea how many clicks they hit in a respective time frame. With the arrival of cps tools, all these problems have been solved.

What is a click cps test?

With the help of this cps tester test, you can accurately and precisely know the number of clicks that you can hit in 10 seconds.

  •   Install this cps test on your PC and perform the test.
  •  On opening it, you will spot a clicking pad.
  •  It is on the clicking pad that you will do the clicking and a timer will be started as well.
  •  Once the time will run out, you will know how many clicks you have performed in how much time frame.
  • It is up to you whether you want to test yourself based on clicks per 10 seconds or clicks per 15 seconds or choose the clicks per 30 seconds category.

Why use the CPS tool?

  • This cps counter will give you the exact assessment of how much you need to work on your finger clicking skills.
  •  It has an easy to use interface and no technicalities are there.
  • You can practice extensively on this tool to improve your finger clicking skills.

How to increase your clicks per second?

  • You can definitely increase your clicks per seconds by using the right gaming mouse. Avoid using traditional and old designed mouse models.
  • Never click on the laptop trackpad and use the mouse for clicking.
  • Practicing extensively will make you a pro in clicking. Try out the cps clicker tool and practice over there.
  • Learn about the clicking techniques like we have butterfly clicking and jitter clicking. It is on platforms like clicks per second test tool that you can easily learn these techniques.
  •  Adjust the sensitivity of your mouse; this will increase the click per second number.
  • Practice your clicking skills by playing shooting games. They will definitely help you to click and hit with maximum speed.

Thus, that is all about the information on the cps test. You can certainly perform this test right now and let us know as well how many clicks you hit in the respective time frame.

Remember that excellent and most enjoyable gaming experience can only be attained when you click with maximum speed. So, improve on your clicking skill via click test and enhance your gaming time. Stay tuned and connected.