Customer experience is an integral part of growth and success. No matter how great your product or service is, if your customers aren’t satisfied with the experience of doing business with you, it won’t amount to much.

There are many (moving) parts to improving your CX strategy. One avenue you should certainly explore is social media and your presence across different platforms. Let’s explore what you can do to make your customers feel more at home when they seek you out on their favorite social network.

Be (Omni)Present

Your first order of business is to select the channels that you want to make yourself available on. By no means do you need to embrace 7+ different platforms. All you need to do is pinpoint the ones your target audience frequents the most.

However many profiles and pages you do set up, bear in mind that you need to be incredibly active on each. Even if you aren’t able to offer 24/7 social support (which is super simple with a chatbot), you should reply to messages as fast as possible and monitor your mentions on a daily basis.

Starbucks is an excellent example of a highly active brand. Sure, Starbucks has the kinds of budgets most companies can only dream of, but you can still take a leaf or two out of their book. Notice how personable and friendly they are and how often they manage to post. They even have a Spotify account!

Make Access Easy

To ensure your customers are happy with the experience your brand can offer, do your best to make it simple and easy for them.

Highlight all of your most important information in a simple way. For instance, if you are running a special sale, promote it via your cover and profile photos. Leave links to every specific product or service you mention on every image, with every tweet, making it super easy to land on just the right page.

Preset Love did a good job with their Instagram highlights. They save their followers the effort and directly point them to a specific category of preset. If people had to scroll around the profile to find them, their CX would certainly tank.

Toe the Party Line

Providing the same level and same kind of customer experience across all channels is incredibly important. You never want your sales reps, your customer support, and your social media teams to be speaking different languages.

Establish a clear tone of voice and language, and enforce it across all touchpoints. Whatever your sales and marketing goal is for a specific period, make sure everyone working with you is aware of it.

Sometimes even the little things can be quite jarring – for example, if your social media is full of references to a sale that isn’t even mentioned on your homepage.

Make It More Human

Given the fact that social media platforms were designed for individuals, not brands, you also want to make sure you’re adding a human face to your social media presence. You might choose to hire someone to be the face of the company or place your CEO in that position. Whatever you opt for, it’s important to be seen as human.

The more faceless you are, the less likely your target audience will connect with you in a meaningful way. On the other hand, the more you show your real, human side – whether by being goofy, admitting an error, or empathizing with a follower – the better your relationships will be.

Mrs. Property Solutions does a great job of putting her face across all of her social media profiles. She has pushed a video or two live on all of them, allowing her audience to relate to her even more. She instantly grabs their attention by showing them who they will be working with.

Have a Dedicated Support Channel

To truly elevate your social media customer experience, you can go as far as establishing a dedicated social support channel. This will not only make it easier to keep track of complaints and queries but also allow you to separate your more casual promotional channel from your purely helpful one.

Modern customers love to ask questions on social media, as they already spend a lot of time there. If they can reach out to a brand and get the help they’re looking for on Twitter, they are much more likely to keep working with that brand in the future.

Wix has done a great job with their Wix Help account, which enables them to process queries more efficiently than through email. Plus, it’s live and visible to the general public, as opposed to all other customer support queries.

If you can demonstrate to your audience just how helpful and caring you can be, they’ll certainly want to keep doing business with you.

Final Thoughts

Your social media presence can significantly impact how your customers see you and the experience they have with your brand. By incorporating some of our advice, you’ll be able to take it up a notch and ensure that those who meet you on socials come back for more.