If you just opened an Instagram account, uploading photos to your profile can be quite irritating. Despite your efforts, you do not get more people to follow you or mark your photos as favorites. And it is not easy to increase your followers on Instagram when you are new to this social network and nobody knows you.

There is no magic formula so that, overnight, you have a million people watching all the images you publish. But there are certain tricks that you can use to attract more followers to your account, and that your profile is more popular every day.

10 Tips to Increase your Followers on Instagram Quickly

1. Use popular hashtags

The hashtags are the words you see in Instagram and are preceded by the # sign. This kind of “tags” allow anyone looking for those words to see your photos, even if they do not follow your publications.

A good way to increase your followers on Instagram is by using popular hashtags such as #nofilter (to indicate that you have not used any filter in your photo), #FF (means “Follow Friday”, so they start following you), or # like4like (so that whoever marks a photo of you as a favorite, you also do it in one of your photos).

Remember that it is a good idea to always use hashtags of any kind in your photos to reach a larger audience.


2. Promote your account in other social networks

Do you have a profile on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter? Tell all your followers that you’ve opened an Instagram account, and ask them to keep putting a direct link to your profile. Put stories in your Facebook to follow you on Instagram. Place links in your YouTube content’s descriptions.

3. Comment on the photos of other users

Bookmarking photos of other people on Instagram, and leave a comment on them, is the most natural way to increase your number of followers in this social network.

4. Post photos at the right time

Posting a good image at the ideal time can bring you a larger audience.

According to research, the best hours to post on Instagram are between 5 and 6 in the afternoon, and on Monday and Thursday at 8 in the afternoon.

5. Review your Instagram account

Quality is better than quantity. That’s why you should review your Instagram account and delete those photographs that are not attractive, interesting or funny.

Nobody wants to follow someone with hundreds of images that do not make any sense or that are boring.

6. Complete your biography

It is very important that your biography is complete to increase your followers on Instagram. Write who you are, or what your account is about, and add a couple of hashtags that identify your account.

For example, if your profile is about pets, you can add hashtags such as #pets (pets in English), # dogs, cats, etc.

7. Ask questions in the caption

When you post a photo, add a small text in which you ask a question for other users to comment on their answers.

In this way, you will increase the chances of getting followers and whoever looks at that image will see that you want to interact with the people who follow you, and not just get them to mark your photos as favorites.

8. Be constant

Set yourself a goal of uploading at least a certain number of photos to Instagram each week. Ideally, upload at least 7 photos, that is, one for each day of the week.

This way you will be constantly updating your account, you will have more chances of others following you, and you will get your followers to get hooked on your posts.

9. Use calls to action

Do not be afraid and tell your visitors what you want them to do in the caption of your images.

Accompany each photograph with a text type “tell me what you think in the comments” or ” follow me if you liked this picture! 

10. Contact influencers to recommend your account

Are you friends with someone who has thousands of followers on Instagram? Ask him if he could recommend your account in one of his photos and ask his fans to start following you.

If you do not know any influencer in this social network, look for profiles with a theme similar to yours, follow them and comment in their publications, and when you have a more solid relationship, put this strategy into action.