Pinterest is a very powerful tool to promote products and services among your followers. But like in any social network, what we want at the beginning is to get more followers, so T2M blog is going to tell you that today.

How to get Pinterest followers fast?

There is no magic formula so that, overnight, you have a million people following you overnight. But there are some tricks. Here 10 tips from T2M URL Shortener for you:

1. Add a widget on Your Website 

Make sure you have among your social buttons one of Pinterest, both in the Home of your website and in some important pages (or that have a lot of traffic). You can include in your blog a Pinterest widget in which your readers can see the last pins of your profile on Pinterest and all the activity that you do (obviously offering the possibility to follow you).

2. Include a Button on Your Website

there are WordPress plugins that allow you to put it, such as Pinterest follow button. The theme is that you make it easy for your readers to know that you have a presence on Pinterest and can follow you with a single click.

3. Share Many Things

If you share many interesting things, every time someone opens something that you have shared, it is more likely that Pinterest will recommend you follow the board where you shared it. Of course, you have to share pins that interest your target audience, because if not, you will get many followers but not necessarily the ones you are interested in having. Try to share continuously, not all at once in a single day. Share a little each day, in small amounts so as not to overwhelm your followers, but at the same time, always be present.

4. Comment on Popular Pins

Choose pins that have been shared many times and have engagement and make a comment that is worthwhile and shows that you understand it. This will attract other people to your own profile. If your comment brings something interesting, more people will click to see who is behind that comment.

5. Mention Others

On Pinterest, like on Facebook or Twitter, you can mention one of your followers using @username. If you are sharing a pin that you think may interest someone, in particular, mentioning them in the comment will receive a notification. Always mention someone to say something positive and of interest. Try not to look like a spammer! These mentions will achieve greater interaction with your followers, improving your positioning in this social network.

6. Connect Your Other Social Networks With Pinterest

You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to appear on your Pinterest profile. You can also tweet your pins, which will attract your twitter followers to your Pinterest profile. Transferring followers from one social network to another is a matter of skill, share something that stings your curiosity and that is different to what you usually share on other social networks.

7. Participate in Group Boards

That already have many followers adding pins of high quality so that the followers of these group boards are attracted to your profile. Be careful, do not share pins that have nothing to do with the theme of the board, since you will be perceived as a spammer. Be moderate and share interesting things for the group.

8. Follow Other Users or Their Boards

Write keywords for your niche in the Pinterest search bar. Then decide if you want to follow pinners or boards (T2M URL Shortener advice is to choose the boards that interest you most). The person you follow will receive a notification and will probably go through your profile to see who you are and if you have interesting content.

9. Optimize The SEO of Your Boards and Pins

Never share a photo or infographic without a title. Using keywords in the titles and descriptions of your boards and pins will not only make it easier for other Pinterest users to find them, but it will improve the SEO of those images in Google. Hashtags are also another excellent method to give greater visibility in searches to a certain pin.

10. Embed Your Profile or a Board in Some of  Your Articles

If you have a blog on your website or in your online store, be sure to include a board or your own Pinterest profile inserted or embedded in it in any part of your articles (where they relate to the theme or context of the post).