There are people who have formed an image, have gained the trust of their followers and have built a community around them that allows them to climb a link in the hierarchy of social networks, are known as influencers.

For the most avid professionals, the emergence of influencers in social media means a great opportunity to reach their audience in a more organic and less aggressive way. By partnering with the right people, brands can generate quality content and amplify their message to reach their target audience through a channel they really trust.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

1. It’s native advertising:

In recent years the saturation of advertising in traditional media and especially on the Internet has led to what is known as Banner Blindness, the ability of consumers do not see, or not register, the ads with which they are impacted day a day. An Infolinks study shows that 86% of consumers suffer from banner blindness, reflecting that only 14% of respondents remember the last ad they saw, the brand and the product it was about.

Native Advertising or Native Advertising consists of creating content, in association with a medium, that is not perceived as invasive advertising but interacts naturally in the publication support, thus circumventing the resistance of consumers to frontal and invasive advertising and presenting itself as interesting information that impacts organically.

This is the playing field of Influencers Marketing.

2. It is a growing technique:

Just as one of the characteristics of the influencers is to be early adopters, which gives them advantages and authority in the areas in which they specialize, in the same way, the brands that are added before the trends have their benefits.

The Marketing of Influencers is a technique that, although it has proven to be effective, is still in development and is a territory in which only brands willing to risk have dared to venture. For this reason, they have had the greatest gains in money, in reputation, and in conversion.

In the following graph of Google Trends, you can see the increase since 2014 in the search for the term Influencers Marketing.

3. Improve your reputation:

In association with profiles that are not only an authority in the area of your brand, but have the confidence of people, it is common for values to be transferred from people to brands in the perception of users.

When an influencer speaks well of your brand, it is not only validating the quality of your product or service but also legitimizes your strategy to approach consumers. In the Marketing practices of Influencers it  is very important to clarify that it is an agreement between the brand and the person who sponsors it, this will be seen as two parties that have agreed to work together and is beneficial for your online reputation, since traditional advertising is getting worse and worse perceived by the public, which explains the growth in the last years of the adblockers.

A better online reputation can only lead to our next point.

4. Greater loyalty and conversion:

Research shows that the purchase intention expressed by users is 53% higher when it comes to native advertising, and that is just the tip of the iceberg for the conversion rates in Influencers Marketing.

One of the main advantages of this method is to negotiate directly with the influencer the parameters of the campaign, which may include, in addition to a test and recommendation of the product, link to the online store, call to action, or even make contests and raffles that result in traffic of visits to your page, loyalty and therefore, high percentages of sales. If you don’t have enough time or resources to reach out to the influencers yourself, you can hire an influencer marketing agency that has the expertise and knowledge of your target market. Who knows, maybe this will even turn into a powerful friendship which can open many other doors for you.

But that is not all.

5. Improve your SEO:

There is little you can do with a good reputation online if people are not able to find you through the main search engine of the web, Google.

According to The Social Media Revolution and its book Socialnomics, when looking for the 20 largest brands in the world, 25% of the results belong to user-generated content. When the marketing strategy consists of generating content by influencers, people echo it and the more you mention it, the more relevant you will be to the search engine, and to the world.