Nowadays, for any e-commerce, the sending of an order is not a mere delivery, it is a communication with the client. It is for this reason that many of them try to stand out and offer the customer, in the reception of their purchase, the same experience they have lived buying.

Without a doubt, one of the main strategies is to personalize the shipment. Make that brand image is maintained so that the customer feels more related to your e-commerce and not another of the competition.

But, how can you customize a shipment? What tricks can be used? Here we leave you with 5 tips that will surely be useful and you can apply:

1. Use tissue paper or colored fillings

Your brand has associated colors and these have to be present at various times during the process of purchasing and receiving the product. A useful, simple and very economical way is the use of colored fillings, such as colorful tissue paper or colored paper shavings. Both offer the possibility to protect and present, but also allow you to identify the interior of your shipment with the colors of your brand.

2. Use a personalized envelope inside

Since you have to send an invoice or the now most used shipping labels for e-commerce, use the ingenuity and present it in a personalized envelope, with your brand, your message, your promotion etc. Includes even a thank-you letter that we forget.

3. Make the packaging talk about you

Do you know that you can customize your packaging? This process is simple and for low quantities. Use them in your boxes, in your bags, in your adhesive tapes. Take advantage of these spaces to include your message and send it to your recipient.

4. Take care of the layout of the product

The presentation of the product can be very important. Present your products neatly, well protected, with the proper fillers and in an organized way. Customers consider that an adequate presentation of their purchase is an added value perceived at the time of receipt.

5. Details and more details

Place a bow, or simply a personalized label or tissue paper. They are details, yes. But at a minimum cost that will offer your store the possibility of displaying quality shipments with a higher perceived value. Sometimes presenting a product of 10 costs very little.