If you have come this far it is because you want to know how to increase your Facebook Fans. I know that this is not easy and many times it becomes a problem, in some cases, to the point of counting the new fans every day and reviewing the statistics continuously. Well, this obsession is normal, and that is to get fans for your Facebook Fan page is a very important point when you start with any project and more if it is online.

6 Tips to increase Fans on Facebook

  1. Take care of the content:  Do not publish in excess or be long without publishing, to schedule future publications if you go on vacation I recommend Hootsuite. Do not publish too varied content, concentrate on a theme to ensure that you will not lose Fans when publishing other types of content.
  2. Create Administrators: Another technique is to associate with people who in turn have friends in their Facebook profile interested in the theme of your Fan Page. Appoint administrators and you will have the favor of inviting others friends to your Fan Page and vice versa.
  3. Raffle of Products: Another good strategy is to make a  draw for a product. If we do not sell products we can sell a product info-type: guide or manual. This works very well both to increase your fans and to interact more with your FanPage.
  4. Invite them to become fans: Do not hesitate,  invite your friends first, and then to all the people we think may be interested. Do not worry about telling them to like you and to become fans of your Facebook page.
  5. The design of your FanPage: Take care of the design of your FanPage from the description to profile photo and cover photo. This will improve your image and invite people to become Fan.
  6. Show your FanPage: It is necessary that your  Fan Page appears both in your email signature,  as in your website, blog or your online project.