How many times have I heard this: “We would like to do campaigns with banners but we do not have a designer to do it”. So that these excuses are over now as T2M URL Shortener blog presenting a way to create a banner without being a designer, without having a graphics program and also in a matter of minutes.


To create your banner you have to take a picture of your product, your company or yourself if you prefer. To make the photo you can use your mobile (so you do not tell me you do not have a digital camera).


You do not have to have won a prize to create a title of approximately 25 to 30 characters and a text of 140. All you have to do is a text advertisement to promote your product or service.


I assume that most of you use Microsoft Office and therefore you should also have Powerpoint. This program helps us in the creation of our banner.

3 steps to follow for the creation of a banner:

Create a table and choose a size

After choosing one of the standard formats of the IAB for the creation of your banner, give the right size to the box (right button in the box and choose “Size and Position”).

Paste the photo and add title and text

After pasting the photo we have to modify the size to be 10% less than the painting and to cover approximately 20% of the length (this may vary for other formats). After having positioned the photo we add a picture and a text to the picture.

Save as an image

Once the text has been created, we mark the picture, the photo, and the text. Now we choose with the right button the option “Save as image” choosing the format “JPG”.

I think the creation of a banner takes less time than reading this post. Try it.