Gmail Security – Methods to Protect Your Gmail Account Gmail is considered to be the most popular Internet-based e-mail platform on the planet, in reality, it is much more than just an e-mail account. Many people use the additional features that come with Gmail, like Google Drive, YouTube, Calendar and so on.

What happens if a hacker enters your Gmail account? 

If the hacker gets access to our Gmail account he could potentially hack every account we have on the web.

Here’s a good example of how hackers can break into a PayPal account once they’ve hacked their Gmail account. They are all going on their emails, discover the companies that are registered, in this PayPal example. Then they go to, click on “I forgot my password”, some sites ask some silly queries that can be simple enough for the hacker to discover, such as “What was the name of your high school”, so the site just sends the new password to your email account then Game over the account has been hacked. In this article, we go to the Gmail security goal and how Google helps us achieve this by using complicated functions that they have developed.

A large part of our most important private information is in our Gmail and in the era of adware and spyware, keyloggers and phishing sites, using only your password to protect our precious details may not be enough. Gmail is often a constant target for attackers since hackers earn a considerable source of revenue, fortunately, Google is aware of that.

Two-Step Verification

Sometimes known as Multi-factor authentication, this technique adds a level of protection to your account. As soon as this function is activated, you will receive an SMS message that has a confirmation code each time you log in. Then Gmail asks for this code in the sign in process. The two-step verification guarantees you have 2 ways that you can sign up for: Something you know (the password) and something you have (The cell phone). You can tell Gmail to trust your computer for thirty days, so you were not sent a text message every time you connect. Two-step verification is a well-known principle in the information security community and is considered one of the ideal methods to improve security and that is how to protect your Gmail account.