Marketing, if done well, can be a real source of income for your business. However, if done wrong, without the right strategy or knowledge, it can be a huge hole to throw money for. We know that entrepreneurs when they start their entrepreneurial journey, have to fill the roles of almost all departments of the company. Logically also marketing and sales. Even if you are not an expert. Fortunately, the network is full of interesting resources that can help us. And, of course, we also want to do our best with these 7 marketing and sales tips for startups.

Marketing and sales tips for startups

1. Sell the profit, do not compare yourself

You have the key to success when you sell the benefit of your product and forget about the competition. Forever.
There are several ways to do it:

  • Cost: cost improves the price of the product with respect to the competition.
  • Quality: do it better from the beginning.
  • Combine both strategies: the best product at the best price. Unbeatable.

But even if you tell others that you sell products or services that are cheaper and more effective than the others, it is not enough. This does not tell the client how it will improve his life. I remember, when I bought my last phone this year, the salesman was telling me how the smartphone will improve my life. I was so impressed and bought the Oppo A3s.

2. Listen to your client

Do you hear the name of Sam Walton? Maybe not. But this man was the founder of one of the most important chain stores in the United States, Walmart. And, in addition, it broke one of the most important commercial paradigms of the time.

Walton opted to start his empire in the rural areas of the United States. This led to the contrary to the predominant business logic that said: if you want to move massive amounts of products, you need massive amounts of people. That is, a retail mass trade will only succeed in large cities.

But Walton knew his clients. He knew that people who lived in rural areas used to buy large quantities because they had larger families or needed more goods to maintain their own stores. The result we already know. Walmart is the most important retail store in the world. And is that the client can sometimes challenge the prevailing logic but they are always right. Listen to them.

3. Sell your product before it is completely finished

Some companies wait until their product is totally perfect before doing any marketing campaign. A serious mistake, since this attitude is accompanied by a widespread thought: “Once the product is ready, it will sell quickly.” But, the reality is that, if nobody knows it, the demand will be zero. Until you start a marketing campaign and start creating brand awareness among potential customers.

It is best to do awareness campaigns before the product is finished. In this way, consumers will already know that the product is coming. If you sell the benefit before you have it ready, customers will be eager to acquire it.

4. Think 360º

The marketing landscape changes at a surprising pace. The campaigns today have nothing to do with the work that was done just 2 years ago. They are different ways of doing things that are always preceded by some ‘guru’ that was dedicated to experimenting.

T2M URL Shortener doesn’t recommend, you start doing crazy things, because you’ll end up throwing money away. But try to have a global vision. Use all online marketing techniques that are almost free and highly effective. For example, video marketing, influencers, crowdsourcing, attractive contests, branded content and much more.

5. Trial and error

The marketing that can not be measured is failed marketing. It is clear that you can do an outdoor advertising campaign or place a canvas on the outside of your facade and it is very common. But how can you be sure that the money spent corresponds to sales? There is no way to correlate with 100% security. There may be more constraints or it may be a seasonal rebound that will disappear in a month.

If you are going to dedicate time and money to a marketing campaign, make sure you can measure the results. Establish ways to track the conversions that are derived from each marketing campaign.

And do not forget to bet on the A / B tests. This will allow you to compare and see which campaign has worked best. Eliminate what does not work and improve those that already have good results.

6. Advertise on many platforms

As we said above, it is good to try multiple sales and marketing channels to see what works best. It is almost never just one, but a combination of everything. When a customer hears the ad on the radio, sees it in a search engine and then finds a reference in a blog that he likes he begins to accept your brand as a solid and reliable entity.

It is possible that they will not buy your product immediately, but when they have the need, your company will come to their mind.

7. Strengthen loyalty

Reward loyalty and interest. The best situation you can create is that your clients become your best commercials. The testimonials of the clients that defend the brand are better than any sales team.

Therefore, try to continually reward customers with competitive prices, personalized customer service, and automatic updates to improve your product.


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