Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a blog are essential marketing channels of a start-up. Here are 6 reasons, from T2M URL Shortener blog, you should have them before launching the product of your start-up.

1. Indirect promotion through content marketing: publishing articles of interest in your sector can help you achieve indirect marketing and become a reference within your sector.

2. Organize surveys and mini market studies: Facebook is an ideal channel to organize surveys even starting with small surveys among your friends if you are afraid of sharing your idea with too many people. Twitter can be a complement to obtain more data once you have made the first tests.

3. Recruit beta-testers for tests before the official launch: before launching the product or service officially you can do tests within a closed circle of beta-testers. Both Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or the blog itself can serve as a recruiting channel.

4. Identify potential customers among readers and followers: if you bring a solution or a need to your target market you can get your first lead among the readers of your blog and followers of Twitter or Pinterest. Once the product is launched you can thus cut the time to obtain the first customers.

5. Create a community around the product: according to the link and the interaction that you can get among followers, fans and readers you have potential multipliers that will talk to your environment about your product. To do it well, there is no secret formula: creativity, perseverance and a lot of discipline.

6. Obtain the first financing through crowdfunding: among the beta-testers, readers, followers, and fans there may be people who want to support your start-up even financially. This crowdfunding can be the first seed to grow the company and take it to the next level.