When starting an online business, three things that can make or break your brand is a good domain name, a reliable web hosting and a robust website building platform like WordPress. When you get all of this right, you increase your chances of making it big in the online market. They also aid you in SEO, social media and other marketing campaigns and in general, help make the task of maintaining a website simpler and assist you in growing your business.

Out of the 3 essential components, choosing the best web hosting can be a challenge. This is because there is a wide variety of hosting options available with all claiming to offer the best web hosting services at the most affordable prices online. This makes the task of picking a web hosting for your site quite daunting. Plus, more often than not, newbie marketers are influenced by the low price tag and fail to do enough research before signing the dotted line. This mistake could turn out to be quite costly in the future.

As such, to steer clear of this, here is a checklist that highlights the 21 warning signs of a sub-standard web host. You can make use of this checklist while selecting a new hosting service provider. You can also use it to identify if your current web host is at par with the other hosting providers or if they are charging you more for basic web hosting services.

This checklist comes in the form of an infographic which you can download for free and keep it handy for future reference. Thus, check out this infographic now and for more details on each of this warning signs, you can also go here to read the entire, in-depth guide.

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21 Warnings That Indicate It’s Time to (Switch) Your Web Hosting Right Away[Infographic] by the team at Hostgatorcouponcode.in

21 Warnings That Indicate It