“Plagiarism detected” might be one of the most stressful lines you get to read when editing your work. The question arises, why should you worry about plagiarism? Well, the answer is quite simple.

Plagiarism drastically impacts your work quality while creating a bad reputation in front of the receiver, be it a teacher or an employer. If you are a student, your teacher or professor will probably down mark you because of plagiarism.

While it is hard to avoid plagiarism altogether, several tools can help you remove it and bring that percentage down to zero.

Are you thinking to search for these tools? We have made it easy for you. Mentioned below are some of the best tools that can be used for that matter.

1. Research prospect plagiarism tool

Research prospect is a relatively new academic support firm based in the UK. It provides with efficient services to students from all over the globe. Research prospect is rated 4.85/5 by a world-famous website. One of such services is removing plagiarism once it is detected.

Research prospect can help you paraphrase the lines plagiarized paragraphs or lines. In spite of this, the research prospect plagiarism report will aid you in quoting the plagiarised information sources. Not to mention their strict` privacy policies that ensure 100% confidentiality.

In this way, you will be able to avoid plagiarism in your work and improve its quality.

2. Paraphrasing tools by Small SEO tools

Small SEO tools’ paraphrasing tool is comparatively less complicated to use.

All you have to do is visit their website, upload your document in the box provided there and click “re-write article”. The tool will then take a few seconds to check the article. After that, they will provide you with options to edit the paragraphs that were found to be plagiarized. However, we will recommend you to proofread the work before putting sentence changer to use.

Small SEO tools can deliver well-grounded results both in terms of readership and search engine exposure.

3. Unplagiarizer.com

With a high level of expertise, writers at unplagiarizer.com can quickly produce an authentic paper out of a plagiarized one. Detecting and removing plagiarism may sound like a difficult task to do, but with exceptional proofreading and editing skills, it is nothing but a matter of seconds.

Here is how you can operate their tool for avoiding plagiarism: order their service, pay for it and save the document alongside the completed task. Unplagiarizer.com’s quality control department will look for the plagiarised content and edit it whilst ensuring timely delivery of the results.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most renowned editing apps with having a customer base that ranges from school going kids to professional adults and content writers.

One of their most availed services is the plagiarism checker. Once you have to upload the work you wish to check, Grammarly plagiarism checker takes a few seconds to process. It then displays the percentage along with the matching sources.

To avoid plagiarism, you can use those sources for citation and quotations.

5. Turnitin

To maintain individual ethics of working, Turnitin’s plagiarism checker teaches the students how to paraphrase appropriately, quote sources and cite their works to prevent plagiarism.

To check for plagiarism, go to their website, click assignments, upload your file, press checkmark “Turnitin” and select the editing options available on Turnitin.

Employees at Turnitin are keen to protect its users, specifically the new generation, from the growing trend of misconduct, including code plagiarism. So, they will not mind going the extra mile to help you avoid plagiarism.

6. Plagiairismhunt.com

It is safe to say that this plagiarism checker is different from all others. You can have limitless access to their paraphrasing tool, unlike some other devices with limit-to-day editing of articles.

From research work to web content writing, their paraphrasing software allows a timely completion of your work.

Nonetheless, you will have to get a monthly subscription to explore their advanced features.

7. Viper

Viper is an excellent alternative to Turnitin plagiarism checker. Their main aim is to teach students how to write with integrity. Viper is widely available for every individual who wishes to improve his or her write-ups. Their three primary objectives are simplicity, effectiveness and speed.

Viper is ideal for both; checking for plagiarism percentage and helping to avoid accidental plagiarism. Viper’s plagiarism tool make sure that you are well informed about your document before submission. Therefore, this tool may help you prevent the loss of marks and maintain your work quality.

8. Plagiarism.org

Plagiairism.org have advanced algorithms, and they provide with downloadable reports all the while maintaining strict confidentiality.

With more than eight years of experience, they know exactly how to make your documents plagiarism-free plagiarism-free.

Once your work is checked thoroughly, they give options to re-arrange words, replace specific terms with their synonyms and change the sentence voice from passive to active and vice versa. In this way, you will be able to avoid plagiarism.

Due to their outstanding services, plagiarism.org has partnered with multiple top-notch institutions including Redhill school, Lackawanna college, treverton school, MacArthur school, Shipley school, north Toronto school, Mount Ayr community school and many more.

9. AZ SEO tools

With the help with tool, you can create appealing content that is engaging the audience well. It uses artificial intelligence and a wide range of synonyms to ensure that the content is comprehensive for ordinary human beings.

People who are new to technology are often reluctant to operate such tools. However, this tool can be conveniently used by beginners and even more efficiently by experienced individuals. You have to copy and paste the document on the clipboard. Rest of the work will be handled by this free of cost tool.

While the trend of unethically plagiarizing one’s work is growing, this does not mean that it is acceptable. As a matter of fact, it is considered to be against the code of conduct. Henceforth, it is imperative to avoid it at all costs.  Our detailed account of efficient plagiarism removing tools will give you an insight on how to do so.

Author bio: James Oakley is a Senior Writer at Research Prospect at Academic Research. He did his Ms in League Research & Writing Thesis and Dissertations from Brown University, Graduated in 2011. He helps students in their dissertation by providing services like Literature review writing service and assists in essay writing. James is an open-minded person who loves to write on different topics on Education. Write suggestions and opinions for improving the education system.

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