When Instagram made its appearance in 2010, many people threw themselves on this fun and fun application. Everyone could then share the beauty of the world but also his daily life. More than an online Instagram mini photo album allowed the average user to enter the star system. Everyone can stage his life and reach certain popularity that admits it can do good to the ego.

But soon the marketing pros saw it as a powerful weapon to have better exposure and promote the brand they defended.

And it worked.

So you would be wrong too to deprive yourself and not take advantage of this social network to develop your business online.

Here are at least 5 reasons why you should be present on this social network.

1. Instagram has millions of users

Not only Instagram has a large audience among which there are surely people who would like to know you, but in addition, it is an active community.

Indeed, the “Instagrammers”, check their account several times a day and do not hesitate to like a photo or leave a comment. If you’re not on Instagram, you may be missing out on an exceptional opportunity to introduce you to thousands of people.

2. Instagram is easy to use and effective tool

The good thing about Instagram is that you can not spend too much time for an effective result.

Unlike Facebook where you have to invest in Facebook ads if you want to improve the scope of your publication, and therefore spend time setting everything behind, but Instagram is instant.

In a few clicks, you can post your image, add relevant text, hashtags, and post! Your image can spread widely through hashtags. It is even possible that one of your old images always collect likes or comments even a year later!

3. Instagram is a visual tool that strikes in a second

In a few seconds, you can catch the eye of someone. That’s why you should post pictures in accordance with your visual identity. This will recognize you at a glance.

You know how important your visual identity is to your site, for example. It is even more so on your networks and even more on Instagram. This is where you will further affirm your brand.

Try to post pictures or photos well framed and quality to stay pro. There are so many pictures or quality photos these days that to stand out you will have to go for your personal touch. But it’s even better because it’s your personality that will transpire.

If you think it’s complicated to create visuals, go on Canva. You will find models that can serve you at first and then you will refine.

4. Instagram will allow you to send a message across

As much as the image, the text that accompanies it is important and that’s where you’ll be able to talk about you and your brand. Your Instagram posts can bring incredible information to your followers. You can talk about many topics.

5. There are free tools to help you on Instagram

Though Instagram easy to use, there is a whole range of tools to make your life easier. As I said above, Canva can help you create your visuals. This is great for saving time and having templates to reuse. There are many apps to use directly on your phone to edit your photos quickly and easily. Some examples: Darkroom, Touch Retouch, Color Effect, VSCO etc.

There one another tool called Design Wizard: we all instagram is all about the visuals. If you want to make content that looks premium with minimal effort check out Design Wizard. They have templates you can edit to make your own in just a few clicks! You can even upload your own content which is perfect for your business