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An average user spends about 110 minutes per day on one social media site. Yet, when it comes to an essay on this topic, students often do not know where to start. It seems challenging to express thoughts in accordance with educational standards unless you know some rules.

In this post, a custom academic writer from, specializing in custom essay writing help, research paper assistance, and other related online services, shares effective tips on how to compose a college paper on social media.

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Social media essay: top recommendations from experts

Social media unites people from across the globe for new acquaintances, communication, entertainment, work projects, etc. In this virtual world, one can meet new friends, compose a list of favorite music, build a business, watch movies, etc. So, the first thing about writing an assignment on social media is to narrow a topic.

1. Choose a theme

Expert writers from the academic custom writing agency advise taking something that interests you. Thus, you have the motivation to learn and analyze new facts. Here are some titles for your assignments.

  • Future of social media.
  • The dark side of social media.
  • Is it safe to buy something on social media?
  • The latest trends in social media.

2. Introduction: grab the reader’s attention

Start with shocking statistics, a thought-provoking question, a joke about social media. The main goal of the first paragraph is to hook the reader’s attention.

  • More than 3 billion people used social media in 2019, and this number is constantly growing.
  • That is so nice that #love is the most popular hashtag on social media.
  • With its 2.6 billion users in 2020, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world.

Link the introduction to the main part of the essay to create smooth transitions between paragraphs.

3. Body: prove your point of view

The content of the main part depends on the type of the essay. In the case of persuasive and expository essays, find solid arguments. If it deals with descriptive writing, focus on explanations and details. Pay attention to common elements and differences of social networks in your compare-and-contrast essay.

Professionals from recommend using:

  • proven information;
  • concise and clear sentences;
  • powerful, meaningful words;
  • unique well-grounded ideas.

4. Conclusion: sum up your thoughts

Highlight the most valuable ideas in the final part. Linking back to the central issue of the topic, give a short answer to it.

5. Look at it with fresh eyes

With complicated rules and numerous exceptions, English grammar is quite tricky. Revise your text to find and correct all the mistakes. If you want to save time, turn to professional essay editors. They fulfill online orders in the shortest terms.

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Summing up

The social media essay is a good opportunity to reflect on the issues of this virtual world. Interestingly, while searching for information, you can find unexpected facts and come up with fresh findings. Herein lies the value of the college paper for the academic world and your personal growth.

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