It is 2022, and the Internet develops more and more ways to improve your writing experience. Need an editor? Look it up online! Want a tool for formatting your paper? Check it out on the web! So many different helpers are out there, and this article is going to highlight the top 5 of them. Let’s dive right into it!

1. Grammarly

What, did you really expect anything else in the first place? Grammarly is a tested and true best writing tool when it comes to versatility. It is a writing enhancement tool, and is available in both the browser extension and a desktop app. But what does it do? Its free version offers checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. It can check over 250 types of mistakes among 6 different types of writing! It will provide you with a report on your paper’s clarity, cohesiveness and tone.

However, the paid version – Grammarly Premium – can do even more. After you get it, you can expect more in-depth feedback about your writing. This writing tool will detect plagiarism for your paper, check for wordiness and readability, as well as offer various vocabulary enhancement.

2.The Most Dangerous Writing App

Nope, this isn’t a joke. This is how this tool for writing is called – The Most Dangerous Writing App. It literally gives you a warning to not stop writing (or else!) so you’d be prepared for anything. But how is it dangerous, you might ask? Well, it literally deletes everything that you wrote after a set period of time unless you pick up the pace and start writing again.

Does this sound like a perfect tool to battle your impending procrastination or writer’s block? If yes, then good, because that’s exactly what this tool is! It will get rid of all your precious progress when you’re too busy checking out the latest memes. Not so busy now, huh? Go and look up this app, and who knows, maybe your procrastination will be cured for good.

3. Hemingway

If you think that you heard this name before, you’ll be absolutely right. This next app in our list of tools for writers was actually named after a real-life author! And as the name suggests, it will go an extra mile if you need to improve your own writing. Just copy and paste your text and let it do its magic.

It doesn’t matter if your text is short or long, Hemingway will analyze it anyway. You can even include social media captions and links – everything will be checked and, if needed, edited sentence by sentence. You will be able to see every issue with readability of your text (color-coding will do this for you, and remember – red is bad), as well as misuse active or passive voice and word density. The tool will flag adverbs you can easily get rid of and provide alternatives for their usage. It supports lots of export formats and allows direct publishing to WordPress. And, of course, you can get it in a desktop version. It will cost you a bit, but its oh so worth it!

4. LibreOffice

Perhaps this is the odd one in our list of tools for writing, but a greatly useful nonetheless. While LibreOffice can be considered a worthy counterpart for Microsoft Word, it works seamlessly side by side with it. And, what is better, Libre works perfectly for Linux users, making it the best one in the market!

Even if you can’t multitask, this tool surely can! It comes prepared to check out any text of any format, offering you a standard for Microsoft bundle of spreadsheets, various presentation tools, etc. It has an auto-correct dictionary built in, so if you can’t spell words correctly to save you life, LibreOffice will definitely help you out. It will keep your data secure while also being an open source that is completely free. This tool will detect any type of spelling issue, typo, help you with formatting and so much more. So go and check it out!

5. Cliche Finder

Another web-tool to help you make your paper look new and original. After all, who wants to submit their writing only to realize it was filled to the brim with different cliches? While they can be good sometimes, most audiences prefer to see something, well, unique. And this tool will help you achieve precisely that.

Cliche Finder doesn’t require any specific conditions to be actually workable. You must only paste your text within its box, and everything else will be the concern of an AI-powered machine. It will swiftly detect any cliches in your text and point them out to you. What’s more, it will provide you with suggestions to replace the issue with specific words or phrases, keeping your paper as original and fresh as possible. Give it a try next time you’re writing something, you definitely won’t regret it!

In Conclusion

Whoa, this was a wild ride! The best tools a writer can dream of are now available for you in 2022. All of them were designed specifically to help you with your writing process, keep you in it and make you focus on the task at hand. And what can you say about motivation? These tools know how to keep you interested in the writing process and help you improve your vocabulary and style over time. All the tools mentioned in this article (or their analogues) can be found at, a website that offers comprehensive assistance to students worldwide!

Should you want to experiment with the upper mentioned tools – try, a website that offers free essay examples.

And what are your favorite tools for writing? Let us know!