When you start to start a start-up maybe you think that your product does not need marketing because it will be known through word of mouth. No matter how good it is, if you do not promote it with direct and indirect activities you will never have the clients you deserve.

It does not matter if you already have a product or you are developing it. Your success depends in large part on the marketing actions you are carrying out. Viral marketing does not exist and it is unlikely that you will be the next Google, Twitter or Facebook. Without promoting your product, because of how good it is you will not find the customers you deserve.

Today T2M URL Shortener blog share 10 lessons that you would have liked to have learned before setting up your start-up.

10 Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

1. Avoid the main mistakes in the marketing of start-ups (i.e confusing email marketing with spam).

2. Start with social media even before launching your product.

3. You need an online marketing budget even if it is modest at first.

4. There are basic activities of online marketing that generate sales without spending a single dollar.

5. Before wanting to sell, look for confidence.

6. There is a difference between communicating and talking when you address your target audience.

7. Seek to reach the hearts of your customers to be associated with happiness.

8. Do not be a cow anymore. Try to be the purple cow.

9. Start as soon as possible with your first online advertising campaign because with knowledge this channel can generate income.

10. If all marketing actions fail, start from scratch and apply common sense.