Kaspersky is a multinational antivirus and cybersecurity provider headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Kaspersky VPN serves online privacy, access to diverse content worldwide, and super-fast browsing to explore the web in a secure and encrypted manner. It is one of the best VPNs for broadening the domain of entertainment horizons. People can get access to streaming services like Netflix and watch the hottest TV shows and series that get released in other countries. This VPN can unblock HBO and livescore on Buaksib.

Is it a paid or a free VPN?

Kaspersky offers both free and paid subscription offers to its users:

Free Plan

Kaspersky offers a very limited free plan with no choice of location and data restriction to 200 MB/day (300 MB if the user registers with an account). However, it creates difficulties in streaming movies and shows.

Monthly Plan

Paid subscriptions of Kaspersky are much better than the free plan as it offers a reasonable cost of $4.99/month with five simultaneous connections. It offers unlimited traffic with a kill switch for added security. It helps in connecting with the fastest servers and is optimized for Netflix (U.K., U.S.A.).

Yearly Plan

The yearly plan of Kaspersky VPN costs 2000 rupees with the premium available up to 5 devices. This plan servers a kill switch for extra security with unlimited traffic of internet connection.


Kaspersky VPN has mixed results in terms of its speed and performance. It has reduced its download speed by 58.4%, uploaded test results by 97.1%, and enhanced the latency rate by approximately 4084.9%. Thus, it implies that Kaspersky is not very good in terms of speed even after it uses the proprietary VPN protocol of Hotspot Shield VPN, which is the fastest VPN service providers in the world. It may be because Kaspersky VPN owns just a fraction of the rights of Hotspot Shield VPN.


In the free plan, Kaspersky VPN gives access to limited content to its users. However, in the paid plans (Both monthly and yearly), it gives access to a wide range of sites and streaming providers, but they are mostly optimized for Netflix (U.K., U.S.A.).


The most important question the users are apprehensive of is that shall they trust the security guidelines of VPN providers? This question is genuine, especially in the case of Kaspersky VPN, after the government of the United States banned the usage of Kaspersky software on its sensitive government systems. However, there have been no incidences of wrongdoings on the part of the Kaspersky VPN. Moreover, it has strict logging and privacy policy as per which the users are safe from any kind of malware attacks, and the software does not keep any record of the websites they visit. These statements might imply that Kaspersky is strict with its privacy policies, but it is not the actual case. Kaspersky does a little logging on its software of its users, but it does not mean that it can see what the users are streaming or searching on the internet. Check this detailed Kasperskiy VPN review to get more insights on speed and data privacy.


Kaspersky does support torrenting through their VPN servers on the paper. However, the real story is that the software forbids its users to download content from websites that are known for hosting pirated content. If the users go to such websites, then Kaspersky will directly report a complaint and will turn them to the copyright holders or the authorities.

Bypassing Censorship

Bypass Censorship is the process by which users living or traveling to any censored country can get access to the censored webs. Kaspersky VPN allows its users to download torrents and files in anonymity, do surfing on the Internet without restrictions and with untraceable IP.

Countries covered

Kaspersky claims to have protected approximately 400 million users from all around the world in around 200 countries. But Kaspersky VPNs offers 300 servers across 24 nations. The range of countries covered by Kaspersky is fascinating as common VPN offering nations like Australia are missing from its domain, but countries like China, Turkey, and Russia that are known for their repressive internet policies use Kaspersky software. It becomes important for Kaspersky VPN to expand its server locations in many more countries to ensure good services to its users. Closer the location of a server, the better services a user will receive.

Compatible devices and simultaneous connections

Kaspersky VPN uses an OpenVPN protocol to create encrypted and secured connections on iOS, Android, Mac, and OS. The maximum limit of concurrent connections on this VPN service provider is five if the user purchases the paid plans.

Final Thoughts

In a single line, there are better alternatives available to Kaspersky VPN like NordVPN, Pure VPN, and Express VPN that beats Kaspersky VPN on the grounds of server speed and simultaneous connections. Still, it offers a decent pack with minimal cost and is easy to use with a good interface. This software is suitable for amateur persons who are looking for basic security needs.