SEO practices are constantly evolving and it is therefore important to adapt the strategies of the company to maintain the impact within the search engines. An important part of any plan is to share the content of the website in an appropriate way and it is in this context where URL shortening becomes extremely useful. These online tools transform the traditional links and shorten them up to 90% giving a better image when sharing links.

URL shortener SEO

As explained by the director of the department against web spam from Google, Matt Cutts, URL shortener does not affect SEO since they use the 301 protocol which automatically redirects to the desired site.

While shorteners do not affect SEO in technical issues if they can affect it for other reasons if you do not use good URL shorteners like T2M URL shortener:

People do not trust shortened links

This is due to the misuse of shorteners, often used to transmit dangerous links or carry out scams. But T2M URL Shortener is strict on taking care of its’ users and it doesn’t allow spam sites links to be shortened.

Greater attention is paid to the link of the shortener than to the same link on the page

Due to the order in which the shortener is presented, for example, ← – The prefix is the one found at the beginning and the link of the site is very difficult to remember because what people will remember the shortener, but not the link.

For this, T2M URL shortener has a solution for you. You can make your won brand URL shortener from T2M. Check here.