Shorten URL is something that almost everyone usually does. Even if it is without realizing it or without an intention when sharing content, be its own or of third parties, the messages appear with the URL shortening, modified.

Advantages of using a URL Shortener

The use of shorteners for your web addresses has several benefits. Some of them are:

  • Less space: We have already seen that in some social networks space is limited. Shortening the link means being able to have more space to define the message you want to convey.
  • Improves aesthetics: In many cases, the complete URL (domain name + all the Slug, which is the text in the URL of a specific content) becomes very hazy. A short URL is more visually pleasing.
  • Brand it: T2M URL Shortener, for example, allows you to create brand awareness using Branded domain name service.
  • Call to action: By customizing it you can convert the link into a “call to action” to increase the CTR of your actions.
  • Obtaining metrics: T2M, as well as most other URL Shorteners, offer metrics on the shortened URL such as the origin of the clicks, number of these, most active users, etc.
  • Share content: Shorten the URL allows you to program your content to share it on social networks through the tools to shorten URLs.
  • Analysis of the competition: As you can see the metrics of your links, you can check how the shortened links of the competition have been shared. A little benchmarking never hurts!
  • Make money: Although it is complicated, some tools can pay you to use your links, but for this, you will need a lot, a lot of traffic.