What are the benefits of the custom short domain?

Have you noticed twitter links when you post and tweet? When you post any tweet which contains any external link twitter automatically transforms it into a t.co short link. This t.co is twitter custom short brand domain. Get your own brand domain and link it with T2M to get your own short branded links.

Your branded links will look like something www.YourBrand.me/iPhone instead of, www.t2m.io/De5rgX. Isn’t it cool? then what are you waiting for?

Follow these super easy steps you link your own custom short domain with T2M – URL Shortener:

  1. Register for the T2M account. You can follow the link here.
  2. Upgrade to Standard Version of T2M directly from inside of your dashboard. You can compare a different kind of pricing plans and features here.
  3. Upon upgrade success, go to your profile page and add your own custom short domain into “Custom short domain” field and SAVE.
  4. Lastly, Edit the existing A Record for your short branded domain and update the IP address to If there no any existing A Record, add a new one.

Allow few hours for A record update to reflect new results. Try to visit your new custom domain and see if it redirects to https://t2mio.com then you are all set.