What is Branded Short Domain?

A Branded Short/Custom Domain is used to create branded/vanity short URLs. It can be any domain that you want to use to represent your brand name.

If your brand name or website is www.FancyCoolClothes.com then, your branded short domain can be clothes.co or cloth.cool anything, whatever is available to register.

Why do I need Branded Short Domain?

If your destination/original or lengthy URL is “https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/24/youll-be-able-to-get-the-iphone-x-at-an-apple-store-on-launch-day-if-you-get-there-early/
then T2M can transform that into short URL like “t2m.io/De5rgX (you can edit it to make t2m.io/AnyKeyword or t2m.io/FancyClothes)

If you want to make it a branded short URL by using your domain name as http://cloths.cool/Fancy then you need Branded Short Domain.

What kind of domain I can link with T2M?

  • In general, you can link any domain that you already own (you must own your domain first, If you don’t have one then you need to buy it first)
  • Technically, one domain can be linked to one website/platform only. So, if you planning to link your existing website domain (ex: www.FancyCoolClothes.com) then it will be unlinked from your website.
  • You can NOT run your website and T2M short URLs on the same domain.
  • You need a separate domain or you can make sub-domain such as url.FancyCoolClothes.com to use with T2M.

How to link Branded Short Domain with T2M?

Follow these super easy steps you link your own custom short domain with T2M – URL Shortener:

  1. Register for the T2M account. You can follow the link here. (you need at least Standard Plan subscription to add custom domain. Note: you must own your domain.)
  2. First, go to your domain’s registrar account. Look for DNS settings for your domain. Edit the existing A Record for your branded short domain and update the IP address to “″. If there no existing A Record then add a new one.
  3. Now, go to your T2M Dashboard and navigate to Branded Domains from the left-side menu.
  4. At branded domains page (Dashboard > Branded Domains), you can attach your branded short domain with T2M by using the easy form available.
    1. For example, if your branded short domain is http://example.com
    2. In first drop-down field “Protocol for short domain”, select “http” or “https” (we can install Let’s Encrypt SSL for you)
    3. In 2nd text field “Short domain name”, enter “example.com” or “www.example.com”
    4. In 3rd text field “404 redirect URL”, enter any URL where you want to redirect all of your broken links, if there any, or leave blank if not sure
    5. In 4th text field “Base/TLD redirect URL”, enter URL where you want to redirect if someone visits “www.example” (your custom domain’s base URL) or leave blank if not sure.

Allow few hours for A record update to reflect new results. Try to visit your new custom domain and if you see T2M page then you are all set. If you need SSL for you domain then please send us an email at support@t2mio.com