The technologies around us are accelerating quicker than ever at the speed of light, that is the reason we have changing trends every year and 2021 is no different. But you cannot solely depend on these trends for your website to dominate in this competitive world. Everyone has to keep up with the latest trends and allow them to help your website stay ahead of the competition. This is the only way to make an amazing and stunning website.

As we are all the way through 2021, we will take a look at some of the latest web trends that were popular in 2021. So, let’s get started.

Here are a few design trends that dominated in 2021:-

1.) Parallax Scroll

Parallax is considered as one of the most interesting trends, it has been gaining in popularity since 2020. There are many different names given to these trends on the internet like Parallax effects, Parallax animation, Parallax scrolling, and many more.

Parallax has become popular because of its great looks. As high-speed internet has become more widespread, websites with Parallax animation will not be slow loading sites as before.

Pros of Parallax Scroll

  • Bring life to any kind of website when developed correctly.
  • Using this design element can help you in putting the product in the spotlight.

Cons of Parallax Scroll

  • There is a Lack of SEO friendliness.
  • Not Suitable for Beginners.

2.) Dark mode

World renown brands are using the dark mode to give their website a more stylish and graceful touch to their websites. For a long period of time, white background was considered as the only option to create an empty space for a website, but now designers are looking to add dark themes to the websites to add a more stylish look. Not only it is stylish but it also looks great and different from the rest of the websites. Major platforms in the world have jumped to use darker themes since 2020

Pros of Dark mode

  • Treat for the eyes, as it decreases the light exposure.
  • The consumption of the battery is also less.

Cons of Dark mode

  • Can be tricky to use dark mode in daylight

3.) Big and Bold Fonts

Big and bold fonts are another trend of 2021. The content of your website is one of the mediums that carry the information about your website to the visitors, for that to happen, it becomes important that the visitors are able to read the content on your website clearly, which makes it a necessity to keep the letter big and bold, as the bigger the Font the better the audience/Visitors can read clearly.

Here are Few tips to implement:

  • Select a trendy Font, like Serif or outline.
  • Keeping the letters and words as minimum as you can.
  • Keeping the background very simple. So, that it can highlight the text elements.

4.) Smart AI bots

Artificial Intelligence is considered an emerging trend. Artificial intelligence and automation play a vital role in our day to day life and has developed immensely over the years. It has created many technologies for businesses to lower their workload. An enormous amount of data can be stored using AI and the things considered to be out of reach of humans can be easily achieved by using AI.

Web design Advanced with AI technologies can do wonders for websites. One of the AI advanced technologies used among the website is the chatbots to fulfill the 24*7 requirement of customer service which no human can provide. Keeping customers satisfied is the primary goal for any business and this AI technology can help you achieve this goal.

5.) Voice user interface

Voice user interface trend allows users to control devices by their voice. We all have heard of Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant etc. devices that work as a home assistants and can be accessed by our voice. That is why in 2021 it has become one of the main design trends.

This trend becomes most important because someone with disabilities or someone who is illiterate (do not know how to write) can use a voice user interface to access the home assistant without touching any button or screen. And it is not at all complicated to access the device by our voice, which makes them one of the main trends of 2021.

6.) 3D Objects in design

After listening to 3D, you would have thought “what is new about 3D?”, as they have been around for years now and let me tell you something, 3D is still going to be one of the main trends in the coming years. Now when the technologies like VR and AR are advancing, 3D comes into the picture more than ever as it can remove the barriers between reality and digital life.

Pros of 3D Objects in design

  • Can make the overall experience amazing
  • Can increase the user engagement of your website

Cons of 3D Objects in design

  • For Significant 3D experience requires high performing Websites

7.) Smart Content Loading

Improving the loading speed of the website is always going to be important for your site, As high loading speed can increase the bounce rate of your website and affect the search engine ranking.

A Smart Content loading website will only load the smart content that the users need to see, making the loading time faster than before. It is an extension of lazy loading. Lazy loading is another load time-saving option to be used by websites that are looking to increase their user experience.

8.) Modern Minimalism

Since 2020, website design has become more simple and sober. All things considered, with the rise of wearable technology, website composition has been getting less difficult to oblige tiny and wearable gadgets. The Minimalist plan comprises less visual style and more of a design principle.

Generally, essential elements are only used in minimalist design such as basic shapes, clear texts, colour pallets, and empty space. This helps you develop something simple, yet functional. Thus, the modern minimalism trend can be considered as one of the trends of 2021.

Conclusion on design trends that dominated in 2021

So according to us, these were the top design trends that dominated in 2021, Hopefully, this article will provide you with some insight on the latest web design trends and will keep you up-to-date with some trends that will dominate in coming years. Use these trends for your website to stay ahead of the competition and stand out in comparison to other websites.

Author Name – Rushik Shah

Author Bio – I Am An Expert In Digital Growth Strategy On A Mission To Help 100,000 Small And Medium Businesses Grow To The Next Level. I have been exploring and writing blogs on the topic of Website Design & Development for Alakmalak. Contact Me To Serve You To Take You To The Next Level.