API Docs

T2M premium plan provides full access to T2M's REST API with unlimited branded short URLs. https://t2mio.com/api/v1/<endpoint>.

1. Register for T2M Premium Plan

Please register or upgrade to premium plan to get access to REST API. You can register here, or you can upgrade directly from your dashboard.

2. Get API key pair (key & secret token)

Login into your dashboard and navigate to "API Keys" tab menu from left to generate your keys. You can generate unlimited keys.

This pair of apikey and apisecret will be used in headers of API call to authenticate. More details can be found under individual endpoint below:

  1. GET Get URLs list or single URL by ID. Check endpoint details here.
  2. POST Create new short & branded URL. Check endpoint details here.
  3. PUT Update short & branded URLs. Check endpoint details here.
  4. DELETE Delete short & branded URLs. Check endpoint details here.

More endpoints are coming soon.

Rate Limiting

You are allowed to perform up to 250 API calls per minute. This limit might be different for dedicated instances.