YouTube can be a real opportunity for a business to increase its visibility. Over the years, video has become an essential medium and a real guarantee of diversity in the content shared by a brand. Want to get into a video? You have uploaded a video, but you don’t know how to make it visible to your customers and prospects? Here is our advice for you!

What interest for you to be on YouTube?

 81% of Internet users using YouTube come for entertainment, training or to discover new products or a service like T2M URL Shortener. If you post highly useful and optimized videos, the platform can become a valuable tool in attracting new customers.

What you need to know is that the themes and areas present on the platform are very varied and make it possible to attract users with relatively different profiles. This is a significant advantage that gives you a privilege against your competitors.

Unlike social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for example, the major advantage of YouTube is that it positively influences your visibility and your ranking on search engines. It is a format that allows you to acquire traffic in an effective and relevant way, thanks to the adapted content that you post.

Optimize your YouTube channel

Using a short, descriptive name for your channel is an effective way to quickly make people understand your business and your brand.

In order to gain visibility, you can include relevant keywords in the description to describe the content available on the channel and uploaded within your videos.

The graphics of your channel are important since the visual is an important and decisive element in the clicks of your Internet users. Setting up an attractive profile image and cover image can be an element of improvement and an advantageous criterion for your visibility.

You can also add links to your social networks so that your channel can become a springboard and a necessary aid to your communication.

Don’t forget about optimizing your videos

Your video title should contain the most relevant keywords. It must be short, descriptive of the content of your video and above all catchy. It must make the Internet user want to click on it because it corresponds to his search and it seems more attractive than another video with similar content.

Customizing the thumbnail is essential! The YouTube thumbnail, also known as a thumbnail, is the preview image of the inside of your video. The ideal is to make a thumbnail with the title, attractive visuals and your logo. This will provide information that can be quickly identified by the Internet user.

On YouTube, there is a playlist system. The principle is to add your videos to sorts of mini-channels inside your main channel and which are distributed according to the themes addressed. Thanks to this, when someone clicks on one of your videos, they can instantly access other videos linked to it.

If you have a good reputation on your social networks and an active community, it may be wise to use the networks to promote and share your newly uploaded videos. Even if your social networks are not very active, it brings different content to your subscribers and it is a positive point for your communication and your visibility!

The secrets of a successful video

Even if your videos and channel are optimized to the max, your video will have very little positive effect on your visibility. It should be visually appealing and interesting.

Creating engaging content can seem more complex than adding keywords and a custom, eye-catching thumbnail. There is not necessarily a need for professional equipment: a phone, a microphone or even a stabilizer can be enough. For beginners, we recommend using a pre-made template in FlexClip and tailoring it to your needs.

And that’s it!

Now that you know how to boost your YouTube videos, you can start implementing them. By using these tips, you can quickly create a dedicated audience for your videos.