Sometimes, it is really needed to encode or decode something and it is not difficult at all to encode or decode something.

We are specifically talking about encoding and decoding in java and we can say that there is no such difficulty in doing these two tasks.

But yes, it takes some time and you need to keep yourself focused on the steps needed to perform for encoding or decoding the things.

The question is why we need to encode something and why we need to decode something?

As we all know that when we talk about java, there are many strings that are used in java language and we have to convert these strings and that is only possible by encoding.

In simple words, we need to encode anything just for converting that thing into a different file format and that is known as encoding.

We are going to discuss both of these terms below but first of all, it is compulsory to discuss base 64 so, let’s begin.

What is base 64?

If you are willing to convert the binary data into ASCII characters then you can do it by using base 64, but why do we need to convert the binary data?

It is pretty simple that the computers send and receive data in the binary numbers that are 0 and 1 but, in some cases, these numbers are not quite efficient.

We can say that when we are sending emails, we need to encode the data especially when there are images and other multimedia elements.

By using base 64, you can easily secure the transfer of your mails with all the elements that you have added to your mail.

How can we do it?

It is not wrong to say that encoding or decoding base 64 in java can be a difficult and time-consuming task if you are going to do it manually.

But you can easily do this task by using an online tool as there are many tools available on the internet that are pretty efficient in doing this task.

These online tools are mostly free of cost and readily available like if you need to decode the string in java or decode base 64, you can simply use base64 decode online tool.

And same goes for encoding like you can use the same tool for encoding base 64 in java.

How to use online tools for encoding or decoding?

There are several encoders and decoders available on the internet and most of them have the same working.

So, we are going to discuss some general steps that are involved in encoding or decoding base 64 in java.

  • Search for any tool online
  • As soon as you find a suitable one, get into it
  • You can see two specified fields; one is for input and the second is for output
  • Then you need to paste your code into the specified input field
  • Click on the option you want to use and the options are “encode” and “decode”
  • After clicking any of the options, you can get your results


Every task becomes easy when you choose the right approach and the same goes for encoding or decoding base 64 in java.

If your preference is to get your answers easily in less time then we recommend you to go for the online tools that are specifically created for encoding and decoding.

And we have also shared how to use an online tool for doing this task so, you can have a look above and make your tasks easier.