Have you ever looked for an attractive, to the point, and good-looking business proposal template online but have never really found what you are looking for? Well, what a well-prepared business proposal template can do is save you a lot of time and help you generate more leads while capturing the attention of your potential customers. Then, what’s the secret to preparing this business proposal template?

What is proposal writing all about?

Proposals can be written for plenty of reasons. In marketing, the proposal is one of the most essential documents. No matter what the purpose is, the ideas should be presented in a clear and concise way. In short, a detailed statement put down on paper to solve a particular problem on a theme is a proposal.

What are the Key Points for Writing an Effective Business Proposal?

Target Audience

  • Rather than “how good your idea” focus on “why your idea is the best option”.
  • Don’t write for a general audience! Instead, write for the target prospect!
  • Mash the branding of your company vs the prospect’s company.

Data & Research

  • Use figures to convey the right messages to your audience
  • Make sure that you implement graphs in your proposal to show that you can use data and metrics effectively
  • Find a way to present your data in an ordered way

Hidden Traps

  • Do not oversimplify or exaggerate your offer and be clear about it
  • Make sure that your proposal is consistent with your business objectives and goals
  • Submit your proposal in an appropriate format

Last but not least: Here are the final tips!

  1. Make sure your proposal is to the point.
  2. Storytelling matters, so make sure you have a valuable story within.
  3. A summary is a key to better comprehension.
  4. Use bullets, numbers and make it easier for your audience to understand your points
  5. Make use of data, charts, and graphs (check the coolest tool to do that at the end of this post)
  6. Add feedback and contact forms to your template and make sure you collect leads!
  7. Interactivity and creativity are the keys to a successful business proposal presentation, so make sure you find the right tool for that!

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