Google recently announced that they will close their URL shortener,, so migrating from Google URL Shortener to T2M URL shortener should be a possibility to contemplate.

Google will stop providing services to new or anonymous users on April 13. Although existing users can still use the console until March 2019, there is no time like this to start shortening, marking, tracking and integrating with world leaders link management platform.

With T2M URL shortener, you’ll get the functionality that the Google URL shortener offers and more. Here are some tips to get it started.

T2M URL shortener

Chances are you’ve been shortening the links to make them easier to remember, adjust to a certain word count, or just to make long, bulky URLs look beautiful and elegant. Take your links one step further by qualifying and customizing them.

In T2M URL shortener you can set up your own custom domain, called “Short Brand Domain”, to replace the generic “” with something that more accurately reflects your brand.

T2M brand links not only add a level of professionalism to your online presence, but they also promise to increase your clicks and your participation in short standard URLs. A study we conducted showed that brand links receive 34% more click through rate.