It is hard to select the trustworthy web hosting company, especially, if you are a neophyte in the sphere. All are aware that advertisement should not be trusted but still rely upon it. If you are going to build your first website and look for a reliable web hosting at the moment, you, most probably, will choose the brand you run across online. It may seem to you that you have chosen the perfect website hosting provider just because the advertisement asserts it. But should we trust the promotion campaign arranged by the hosting providers? This is just irrational to believe their data. Fortunately, there are third party services that deliver unbiased information concerning such features as uptime, response time, speed of loading and other features that are very important for the success of your startup or e-commerce brand.

Numerous ads from different companies state that they offer the best online performance, but if you monitor the uptime and speed parameters of the sites hosted, you will get quite different results. This is what the monitoring service HRank does. It helps you to see the real facts – a very valuable feature in the modern world. Being one of the best real uptime trackers HRank does not only give the unbiased information but also rates the shared web hosting providers monitored by the service. The special advanced equipment and state-of-the-art technologies are involved for more correct results. You can be sure that services below entered the top list by their performance.


One of the best hosting services at the moment is Yahoo! It is being marketed as one of the most trusted services for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Its small business platform is highly evaluated by users. You can feel calm with round-the-clock support and quite comprehensive online toolkit. Here you can get the whole range of online services without going anywhere: purchase domain, create your email address, build a site and start your e-commerce enterprise! It is easy to start selling with Yahoo! You have a guarantee of 100% uptime. The customers are happy about fast loading speed that improves the customers’ experience and makes the brand more powerful. The company is based in California and belongs to Verizon Media.


Those who are obsessed with security should choose the web hosting company SiteGround. It takes the second place in the top-list of the best hosting providers monitored by HRank. The work over security never stops and the services continue to enhance their work, developing the security patches all the time. It is a good solution for small and medium sites. The company offers high-performance WooCommerce hosting with managed WordPress and SSL-certificate. You can choose the hosting plan depending upon your requirements and the size of your business. On top of that, the hosting provider tries to implement the best technologies into its workflow using simultaneously in-house built solution that proved to be effective over years. Its proprietary AI software efficiently performs its mission preventing millions of brute-force attacks on a daily basis. If you need a fast and secure option, SiteGround is worth your attention.


In contrast to the web hosting providers mentioned above, the next service from the top-list does not have a global footprint. BlueDomino is based in Massachusetts and serves the domestic US market for the most part. You may be interested in its unique e-commerce services such as SEO Interest and full-featured shopping cart tool, which is easy to use. Protect sensitive data of online transactions with SSL certificate offered by the hosting provider. Its target audience is quite versatile. The hosting company serves the needs of different groups of clients. It is a great solution for the novices and at the same time meets the requirements of web developers, offering advanced features for their work such as PHP, Perl, MySQL. The company tries its best to create “no-worries” hosting environment, delivering outstanding support and uptime, and you have a chance to assess it.


If you look for all-rounder in the market, ITXDesign is a good solution. You can find almost anything among the services offered for you, even if you need a site for your Christian community or want to create a specialized forum. But the most important thing is the reliability of the company. The web hosting provider demonstrates stable 100% uptime and fast loading speed. The response time is 515 ms in accordance with HRank results.


If you hunt for reliability, quality and high-class performance, you can try PowWeb that entered the list of sites with highest uptime. The prices are reasonable but these are not the cheapest options you can find in the market. The cheapest hosting plan begins with $3.88 per month, but it is offered for new customers only. This is the promotion price for those who want to try the service. The site of the company states that they continue to evolve but it is hard to perceive it when the site of the brand is outdated. Despite this drawback, it offers good support (via live chat and phone) and a range of advanced tools that can be of interest to you.