Think, it has happened to you that you arrive at your house at night, after a long day in the office, and you realize that the control of the air cooler, which had been lost for a couple of weeks, is over the coffee table? Truly, we can not explain how these objects appear in our lives. Well, the dark social or social dark is something similar on the internet.

This term refers to the traffic you receive on your website from which you can not identify its origin. In general, digital measurement tools such as Google Analytics, maintain complete control of the places where visits to your site come from. But these measurement systems do not capture the number of sessions coming from personal communication channels. Channels like: Whatsapp, WeChat, Email, etc.

In general, tracking tools look at the URL addresses and analyze if you are using a UTM. This code will allow you to see what channels are being used to find your business. For example, if you find that a link has the ending “utm_medium = social & utm_source = twitter” it indicates that your post was found through Twitter.