Facebook, the most popular social media in the present time have a vast engaged people in it. People on Facebook like to share their feelings, thoughts, daily activities, interests, present, past, future etc. Have you ever thought what does Facebook with this information?

Once my uncle told me that he doesn’t share everything on Facebook. I asked him the reason. He told me that nothing is free in this world. Have you ever thought what does Facebook with your data? Actually, I have never thought that before. When I came to Facebook Marketing world, I have learned that Facebook indirectly sells our personal information to others.

What kind of information does Facebook collect?

Facebook collects all the information from us, from our day to night, whatever we do, who are in our family and what we write, see etc. everything, they collect. When do you go out, you return home, where are you at this moment, even if you are using mobile data or wi-fi everything is in their record. They save your interests. They trace your behavior whether you like to see Facebook ads, like to comment, interested to share or simply you ignore it etc. Even Facebook reads your personal messages on messenger too.

Where does Facebook use our information?

Facebook uses our information in Facebook advertising service. Facebook takes billions of dollars from users when the users spend money to market their business and increase brand value. Facebook gives a customized advertising option for its business holders. Like if you have a T-shirts store and you want to sell T-shirts for teachers from there, Facebook will show you how many active teachers profile they have worldwide. Even if you want to customize the location and search for teachers in the United States, Facebook will show you the numbers of active teachers there. Even if you want to get only the teachers of Harvard University, Facebook allows you this specification too. You can customize every single thing you want.

You know what? T2M URL Shortener thinks that the reason behind the color of Facebook is blue is that it is a deep blue sea for marketers. What do you think?

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